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For other uses of the term Kitetsu, see Kitetsu (Disambiguation).

Chapter 97 is titled "Sandai Kitetsu".

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Diary of Koby-Meppo Vol. 13: "Prepare to Fire".

The Marines prepare to fire on Morgan's rowboat much to Koby's and Helmeppo's horror.

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Zoro looks to purchase new swords and encounters the girl that has a close resemblance to his dead friend, Kuina, at the shop.

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Zoro enters the shop of Ippon-Matsu in order to buy the two swords. However, he has only Beli100,000 which he borrowed from Nami and cannot afford the expensive ones. Ippon-Matsu is not very interested with broke customers until he notices that Zoro possesses Wado Ichimonji. He starts to bargains with Zoro to buy his sword at a cheap price. The girl that resembles Kuina enters into the shop and reveals the true price of the sword, ruining the salesman's hope.

Infuriated, he tells Zoro to search in the Beli50,000 garbage corner, while he complains at the girl on how her new Marine captain Smoker has ruined his business with pirates. While searching, Zoro finds a sword that reveals to have been made by a very skilled master, but Ippon-Matsu sells it off as it is a cursed sword. Interested, Zoro challenges the sword by tossing it into the air and holding out his arm in its path. The sword passes by his arm and doesn't cut him so he decides the sword won't be cursed for him. When he sees that Zoro is not an ordinary swordsman, Ippon-Matsu gives him his most valuable sword as a gift.

Meanwhile, Nami tries on various expensive clothes and eventually tells Hanger that she is not interested in any of them.

As Luffy admires the scaffolding upon which Gold Roger was executed, he is approached by a beautiful woman.

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