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Chapter 93 is titled "Going Down".

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Diary of Koby-Meppo Vol. 10: "Marine Headquarters Vice Admiral's Negligence".

Morgan suddenly attacks the Vice Admiral and seems to deal a fatal blow.

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Luffy destroys the map room where Nami was forced to labor. Arlong attempts to protect his eight year investment. However, Luffy's anger gives him enough strength to break Arlong's saw along with his nose. He then executes a Gomu Gomu no Ono attack and destroys the roof of Arlong Park and sends Arlong crashing through the floor. The building collapses under its own weight.

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Luffy crushes several teeth on the Kiribachi. He then asks Arlong his opinion of having Nami as a partner. Arlong explains that Luffy would never be able to use Nami the way he does. As he had suspected, Luffy realizes he thinks of Nami as nothing more than a tool. Luffy becomes enraged and destroys the room by thrashing about and kicking all the objects and maps in the room.

Everyone outside is shocked to see items flung from the roof. They all begin speculating who is winning the fight. Quietly, Nami realizes that Luffy is freeing her from map room horror. Under her breath, she thanks him silently.

In the room, Arlong becomes enraged as he has had eight years of Nami's work poured into creating the maps. Arlong attacks Luffy, though Luffy perseveres and breaks Arlong's nose, saying that he'll erase the room. He then sends his leg straight up in to the air to prepare an attack while Arlong attacks him again. However, Luffy finishes his attack and smashes his foot into Arlong. The two are pushed through the multi-level floors and destroy Arlong Park. Emerging from the rubble, Luffy has defeated Arlong.

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