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Chapter 92 is titled "Happiness".

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Volume: 11 Pg.: 27

Diary of Coby-Meppo Vol. 9: "The Delivery of Morgan".

Vice Admiral Garp comes to transfer Morgan to his ship.

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While Arlong is about to send another Shark On attack to Luffy, the pirate uses his rubber hand to minimize the impact and nullify the Shark attack. However with his speed, Arlong continues to charge on Luffy. To stop him, Luffy catches his enemy and strikes him to the ground followed by a direct hit of his feet on Arlong's stomach. The attack is not sufficient to defeat Arlong and he becomes enraged instead. Seeing that direct attacks will not work on Luffy, Arlong decides to use a giant saw sword, Kiribachi. Luffy can only avoid Arlong's attacks and they finally land in Arlong Park's map room. Luffy realizes this is where Nami has drawn her maps for the sake of Arlong during the last eight years. When Luffy realizes that Arlong only treated Nami as a tool for his ambition, his anger rises.

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Luffy provokes Arlong to attack him even though he is told to hide, to which Arlong responds to with his dart attack, wile Luffy use a shield maneuver to stop it. Arlong's attack is stopped by Luffy but the momentum sends them flying back, but Luffy is able to bounce away due to his rubber abilities. Arlong continues his assault but is stopped by Luffy's net, and hit by his spear attack though this only makes him enraged, and attack Luffy again. The fight then moves to the building, where Arlong grabs his saw sword Kiribachi, and use it to attack Luffy. Eventually they end up in Nami's old room, where all her stuff is, among them are all her maps and a pen encrusted with Nami's blood which Luffy finds and questions Arlong about. He then proclaims that he will use Nami to further his empire and asks Luffy if he thinks he can use Nami better then he can, which makes Luffy incredibly angry and he grabs Arlong's Kiribachi with such force that part of the teeth begin to crumble.

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