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Chapter 92 is titled "Happiness".

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Diary of Koby-Meppo Vol. 9: "The Delivery of Morgan".

Vice Admiral Garp comes to transfer Morgan to his ship.

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Luffy manages to successfully counter Arlong's attacks and pummels the fishman, but Arlong only enters an enraged state and attacks with his sword Kiribachi. Luffy and Arlong's fight takes them into the cartography room inside the main building, and Luffy becomes enraged when Arlong talks about using Nami for his personal gain.

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Luffy tells Arlong to come out of the pool despite the beatings the fishman gave him, and Arlong laughs at Luffy's tenacity, wondering if Luffy realized that running away is futile. Usopp yells at Luffy to hide, saying that he would die if Arlong landed another direct hit on him. However, Luffy tries making a shield by horizontally stretching the fingers of his left hand, and Johnny and Yosaku wonder what Luffy is thinking with that. Arlong speeds up as he swims toward Luffy, aiming to skewer his heart, and he sends Luffy flying as he leaps toward him. However, Luffy barely manages to stop Arlong's nose from striking him by using his finger shield to block the fishman's face, and bounces away from Arlong into the main building. However, Arlong catches Luffy by surprise as he jumps up from the collision site, and leaps at the Straw Hat again in midair. Luffy responds by stretching his fingers to form a net, which catches Arlong, and Luffy then stomps Arlong's chest and sends him crashing into the ground below.

The onlookers rejoice, and Luffy wonders if Arlong is dead, but Arlong's eyes quickly reopen and they are now bloodshot. Sanji notes that they are the same eyes a Sea King has when it goes berserk, and that Luffy's attack just made Arlong angry. Arlong grabs Luffy by the head and slams him into the foot of the building before charging at him. Luffy barely manages to jump over Arlong's punch, but as Arlong punches through the wall of the building, he grabs a giant Zanbato named Kiribachi and pulls it out. Arlong swings Kiribachi at Luffy, and Luffy dodges, but the sword plants itself into the building and allows Arlong to flip and pursue Luffy up the main building. Arlong manages to corner Luffy on an upper level, and Luffy leaps into a window as the fishman attacks.

Arlong climbs into the room, and Luffy wonders what all the papers around him are. Arlong replies that these are maps that Nami has spent the last eight years drawing, and he praises Nami's ability, but Luffy notes that the pen on Nami's desk is encrusted in blood. Arlong holds Luffy's head between two of Kiribachi's blades as he says that there is no greater happiness for Nami than to make maps for the fishmen to use to conquer the world, and asks Luffy if he could use her any more effectively. In response, Luffy grabs onto one of Kiribachi's blades, rendering Arlong unable to move his sword. Luffy shatters the tooth-like blade with his bare hand, growing angry about Arlong using Nami like a tool.

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