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Chapter 91 is titled "DARTS".

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Diary of Koby-Meppo Vol. 8: "The Ship of Marine Headquarters Vice Admiral Garp".

The object that was spotted is revealed to be a high ranking Marine officer's ship to which Koby, Helmeppo and their unit salute.

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In order to hurt Arlong, Luffy uses the shark's own teeth to bite him. However, Luffy's jaw is not powerful enough to hurt the fishman. Arlong then switches to another type of attack to show Luffy his other powers. By diving into the sea and resurface at full speed, he is able to injure Luffy by impaling him thanks to the strength of his nose. After several Shark on attacks, Arlong plunges into the sea again. But Luffy decides to catch him and destroy Arlong's nose.

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Arlong is mad at Luffy for using one of his crewmates as a human shield. Luffy responds that he did that earlier as well. The spectators commend Luffy for his quick thinking. However, Arlong charges at him once more. Luffy dodges his attacks with ease and delivers a kick to Arlong's gut.

Luffy then steals a pair of Arlong's teeth, which angers Arlong and he continues his assault, "biting" Luffy. Luffy bites him back but it is of no use as Arlong tells Luffy that his bites are powerful due to his jaw strength. Luffy lacks the strength to use the jaws effectively. Arlong then bites Luffy's arm to demonstrate but is elbowed in the process. Arlong jumps into the sea and starts using his dart attack on Luffy. Arlong then jumps back down into the water while Luffy vows to catch him this time.

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