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Chapter 90 is titled "What Can You Do?".

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Volume: 10 Pg.: 169

Diary of Coby-Meppo Vol. 7: "Odd Jobs, Odd...?!!"

Coby and Helmeppo spot something coming toward their ship and warn the rest of the Marine crew.

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Arlong tells Luffy about the innate superiority of Fishmen over humans and provides a direct demonstration. Luffy is barely able to dodge the fatal attacks of Arlong. When Luffy shows him that he has a different type of strength, Arlong mocks him since Luffy was unable to get out of the water without help. But for Luffy, needing help is not a sign of weakness; without his friends, he would be helpless, but he is the one who can defeat Arlong. To prove it, he smashes Arlong's powerful teeth, however this proves to be ineffective as Arlong's teeth are able to grow back again indefinitely, being even more powerful each time, much like a real shark.

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Arlong tells Luffy that he would have been better off staying in the sea. Luffy responds that he is pretty happy about being saved. Arlong responds that he is taking him too lightly and underestimating his rage. He threatens Luffy that he will make him wish he had stayed in the ocean. Yosaku and Johnny become fearful while everyone watches the two posture.

Arlong then asks Luffy if he knows what the difference is between them. Luffy responds that their jaws, noses, and hands are different. The spectators are confused as to whether he was joking. Arlong responds that the difference is their race. He then proceeds to attack. Luffy manages to evade his attacks and even tricks Arlong into biting through a stone pillar. Sanji comments that if he bit Luffy he would have killed him.

Arlong then proceeds to rant about the strength of the fishman race, to which Luffy responds with a smart alec comment, which brings laughs from the onlookers. Arlong then comments that Luffy is weak. Luffy responds that while he can't use a sword, he can't navigate, he can't cook, and he can't lie, that he wouldn't be able to survive without help. Arlong then asks what is he good for. Luffy responds that he can beat Arlong. Arlong then pulls out his teeth twice as they grow back and attacks Luffy.

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  • Luffy shows the importance of his friends.
  • Arlong's teeth can regenerate, and be more powerful than the previous pair, much like a shark.


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