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Chapter 89 is titled "Switch".

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Diary of Koby-Meppo Vol. 6: "Odd Jobs on the Ship!!"

Helmeppo mentions his father's upcoming execution to Koby. He seems to be troubled by it.

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While Sanji saves Luffy from drowning, Zoro and Usopp buy time for him by occupying Arlong. However, Zoro is unable to delay Arlong. As he prepares to deliver the final blow to Zoro, Arlong spots the wounds on Zoro and realizes that the wounds he has are normally fatal and he should not have been able to fight.

Meanwhile, Sanji provides the freeing kick to Luffy's rock. With the speed of his retracting neck, Luffy's body snaps and he is flung high into the air, filling everyone with hope. He "saves" Zoro by switching places with him and attacks Arlong. However, Arlong is unaffected.

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Sanji begins his descent to free Luffy from being pinned underneath the rock. Zoro continues his fight with Arlong, who comments that Luffy must be receiving outside help and is determined to find out from whom he is receiving help.

Usopp gains Arlong's attention, but then is promptly ignored and Arlong continues his conversation with Zoro. Zoro proclaims that he will break his nose. Arlong responds that the reason he is so proud of his nose is that it can't be broken.

Hatchan stands up and dives into the pool to attack Sanji. As Sanji approaches the bottom, he is attacked from behind by Hatchan. Meanwhile, Arlong proceeds to rip off Zoro's bandages. He is shocked to see Zoro's wounds. The wounds would have killed a normal man and he is amazed at Zoro's durability. As Arlong is about to kill him, Zoro laughs saying that Hatchan shouldn't have gone after Sanji as his wounds are too fresh to have healed.

Underwater, Sanji then breaks the rock, freeing Luffy, who stretches back up and launches himself into the air. Everyone is amazed. Luffy quickly switches places with Zoro by callously launching him from the battle and taking his place against Arlong. However, Arlong withstands all his assaults.

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