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Chapter 88 is titled "Die!!!".

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Volume: 10 Pg.: 129

Diary of Coby-Meppo Vol. 5: "Odd Jobs on the Ship Taking Morgan to be Prosecuted".

A familiar prisoner being lead to a Marine ship much to Coby's and Helmeppo's surprise.

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Usopp defeats Chew and Nami decides to fight against Arlong too. When she arrives at Arlong Park, Sanji and Zoro are having a hard time against the shark fishman which is too strong for them. She bravely tells Arlong that she will kill him. This makes him laugh, he even tries to make a deal with a her: to be his eternal navigator or having all the villagers killed, but Sanji and Zoro will die anyway. Nami decided to end all of this blackmail, asks the villagers to help her fight against their tyrant. All of them agree, when suddenly Nojiko and Genzo's efforts are rewarded: Luffy finally wakes up. However he is still attached to the rock and unable to fight. Understanding the situation, Zoro stops Nami and the villagers and gives 30 seconds to Sanji to free Luffy.

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Usopp continues to use quick shots, and cheap tricks against Chew whom he defeats after a while of using Usopp's hammer, he then falls down and proclaims his strength. Nami bandages her wound and runs toward Arlong park, where Yosaku, Johny and the villagers are astounded that Arlong was able to defeat Sanji and Zoro by just throwing some water at them. Genzo and Nojiko are still trying to help Luffy, who begins to move, Yosaku and Johny then tell Zoro and Sanji to stay down, but Sanji gets back up anyway and attacks Arlong who beats him with water shot. Then Nami shows up, and proclaims that she will kill him, which makes Arlong laugh saying that she has never succeeded in killing him before, and then says that if she comes back to him he will spare the lives of the villagers. But Nami refuses and asks everyone to help her, then everyone notices a spout of water signaling Luffy's consciousnesses, Zoro then tells Sanji he will give him 30 seconds as Sanji dives into the pool. Zoro then proceeds to attack Arlong with help from afar from Usopp who tells them about his victory, while Hatchan gets back up.

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