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Chapter 87 is titled "It's Over!!"

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Volume: 10 Pg.: 109

Diary of Coby-Meppo Vol. 4: "Study Study!!"

Coby reads a book by a candlelight while Helmeppo sleeps.

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After seeing two of Arlong's strongest subordinates defeated, Nojiko and Genzo are starting to believe that this may be the end of the Arlong Pirates's tyrannical rule. Meanwhile, Usopp is lying in a pool of blood next to Chew. The Fishman thinks he has defeated a cowardly Usopp, but it is revealed to be just one of Usopp's tricks. The blood is in fact, ketchup he has used, in order to pretend he is killed. Once Chew is out of sight, Usopp starts to think about all the lies he could use in order to explain his defeat. But then all the memories of his friends' battle and his promise to Kaya comes back to him, and decides to fight once more. However, Chew is much stronger than him and Usopp is barely able to dodge his attacks. Hidden behind a tree, Usopp is able to throw a bottle of rum at Chew, but all Usopp's hideouts are being destroyed by Chew's Water Guns. The rum is revealed to be a clever ploy, as Usopp combines it with a fire shot at Chew, making a decisive point into the battle.

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After knocking out two of his subordinates, Arlong becomes angry. Zoro then questions Sanji about Luffy, who responds that he is fine but that he needs to go back down again one last time. Nojiko is encouraged at the chances of the Straw Hats winning, Genzo then comes up for a breath of air and Nojiko tells him about the fights and her belief that they could actually win. Meanwhile Chew believes that he has killed Usopp, and decides to head back, but Usopp had in fact tricked him by using ketchup and pretending it's blood. He then gets up and after contemplating about running away he decides to fight, and calls out to the fishman, who is surprised that he is still alive. He then proclaims that he can not be killed by a fish and states his resolve to fight, at first he is overpowered, but he uses some tricks to get away and hides in the forest and attacks from afar which angers Chew who retaliates by destroying the trees. Usopp then starts to go on the defensive again, but then manages to get a fire shot off witch ignites the rum he threw earlier, turning the tables on Chew.

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