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Chapter 85 is titled "Three-Sword Style Vs Six-Sword Style".

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Diary of Koby-Meppo Vol. 3: "A Rest Outside of Base"

Koby, Helmeppo, and Rika are having lunch together. Koby and Rika laugh together while the former is eating a rice ball and the latter is pouring tea. Helmeppo meanwhile, pounds a nail into a voodoo doll of Luffy.

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Hatchan's attacks are based on a 6-swords style, which he believes is mathematically better than Zoro's Santoryu. Despite this, all of his attacks are stopped by Zoro. Despite his severe injuries, Zoro beats Hatchan easily. However, his state becomes critical and Kuroobi attempts to take advantage of his momentary weakness but Sanji steps in to stop him.

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Johnny and Yosaku look on as Zoro and Hatchan continue to battle. They comment on Zoro's critical condition and that with his wounds and fever he is barely holding on to conciousness. Johnny says that if Zoro's wounds reopen then he will die for sure. Both of them put their worries aside and declare that they believe in him. Meanwhile on the battlefield Hatchan comments that Zoro looked exhausted prompting the latter to respond that it was none of his concern and put on his bandanna. Johnny and Yosaku throw their swords to Zoro and tell him to catch them. With his only sword in his mouth, Zoro thinks to himself that he is going to pass out soon and that walking around has made his fever worse. Meanwhile, both Johnny and Yosaku are in disbelief (eye balls popping out of their heads) by the fact that Zoro hasn't grabbed their swords yet. Hatchan charges at Zoro and says that he will show him the vast gap in skill that cannot be surpassed by a human with only two arms. Hatchan is about to hit Zoro with his special attack when Zoro suddenly grabs Johnny and Yosaku's swords at the last moment and parried the attack. He begins to use his signature Santoryu style when he gets bombarded by a barrage of sword strikes. Hatchan taunts Zoro, saying that he would like to see him take on his 6 sword style attack with only 3 swords. Suddenly Zoro uses his Drifting Wolf Blade technique on Hatchan. Hatchan suffers a massive wound across his body and cries out in pain. Arlong and Kuroobi are irritated by the turn of events while the villagers along with Johnny and Yosaku are rejoicing. Angered, Hatchan goes after Zoro once more. He swears that he will kill him and tells him to think logically. According to himself, there is no way that his six swords could lose to his three. Zoro replies that Hatchan has made a big error in his calculation. He suddenly remembers his encounter with Mihawk. He then adds that even though he has three swords, the weight of their swords are different. Hatchan lunges towards Zoro. Meanwhile Nojiko and Genzo try to free Luffy from the bottom of the water. Genzo tries to destroy the cement block with a large hammer, but he says that the water resistance is making it difficult for him to swing hard. Nojiko says that Genzo needs to hurry and Genzo says that he can't break the rock. He says that it's not like they could carry the rock and there's no way to get an oxygen tank on short notice. Suddenly, Genzo and Nojiko both come up with an idea at the same time.

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  • Zoro follows the promise he made after his duel with Mihawk, saying that he will not lose even if he has to suffer though a lot of pain.
  • Zoro defeats Hatchan.


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