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Chapter 81 is titled "Tears".

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Volume: 9 Pg.: 187

Straw Hat and Animals: young Nami and Nojiko with Bell-mère and a dog choking on spaghetti.

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Arlong laughs at Nami's misfortune and forces her to collect Beli100,000,000 once more if she wants to free her village. He threatens to kill every single person in Cocoyasi Village if she runs away. Nami, in tears, returns to the village where she sees Genzo forming a mob to storm Arlong Park. Nami tries to stop them to no avail. She breaks down and starts to harm herself by stabbing her tattoo while uttering Arlong's name. Luffy stops Nami and in turn she asks for his help. Luffy and the rest of the crew then head to Arlong Park with Luffy breaking down one of the walls asking which one of the Fishmen is Arlong.

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On the Marine Ship, Nezumi looks at all the money he and his men confiscated from Nami. He comments that he and his men would be able to pocket 30% of the money for themselves. One of his men point out that some of the money is tattered or stained with either mud or blood to which Nezumi dismisses, saying that money is money. He then counts through the bills once more, laughing at how naive Nami was for thinking that she could buy back her freedom.

Back at Arlong Park, Arlong rejects Nami's request to return her money. He tells her she will have to collect Beli100,000,000 again or he will destroy the village. In tears, she runs back to prevent the villagers who are starting to rebel. However, they do not listen and agree to attack Arlong Park and make their final stand in freedom as opposed to living in oppression.

Alone and in despair, Nami mutilates herself by stabbing the Arlong tattoo on her arm, a symbol of her misery. Suddenly, Luffy stops her from doing any more harm by grabbing the scissors. Powerless, Nami breaks down and finally asks him to help. Luffy does not need to be asked twice. He hands his precious hat to Nami to keep it safe and gathers his crew. As they depart for Arlong Park, Nami realizes how much Luffy trusts him to leave his hat with her.

At the park, the villagers have been stopped in front of the park's door by Yosaku and Johnny. Thy had been defeated easily by the fishmen and warned the villagers to stop. They told the villagers that they do not have to fight, because people much more powerful then them are coming to assist.

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  • Arlong breaks his deal with Nami and declares that he will destroy the village if she leaves.
  • Nami asks Luffy for help.
  • Nami starts stabbing her tattoo of Arlong's mark.
  • The stabbing of her mark signifies her leaving the Arlong Pirates.
  • Having overheard Nojiko's story about Nami's past and failed to defeat Arlong on their own, Johnny and Yosaku make it clear to the villagers that only the Straw Hat Pirates have a chance against the fishmen.


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