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Chapter 56

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No Way
Chapter 56
Chapter Info
Volume: 7
Chapter: 56
Japanese Title: やなこった
Romanized Title: Ya na Kotta
Viz Title: I Refuse
Pages: 21
Release Date: September 14, 1998[ref]
Anime: Episode 26 (p. 2-21)
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Chapter 56 is titled "No Way".

Cover PageEdit

Straw Hat and Animals: "Sanji riding on a bison while Luffy carries one with his hat on it."

Short SummaryEdit

Sanji decides to sacrifice himself in order to save Zeff. While doing that, Sanji remembers 9 years ago when he first met Zeff.

Long SummaryEdit

Taking Zeff in hostage, Gin asks Sanji to leave the ship. As an answer, the cook tells him to go to hell. What could appear to be a very egoist reaction of Sanji reveals to be a sacrifice gesture. Indeed, Sanji asks Gin to kill himself instead of the owner, and when Pearl (who has come back) attacks him, he does not avoid or counter him anymore. The reasons behind that weird behavior are hidden behind the past of these two: Sanji blames himself for having destroyed Zeff former life, he does not want him to loose anything more and would die rather than give Don Krieg pirate the Baratie.

While Sanji lies down after several attacks from Pearl, he recalls two words, All Blue, and his flashback begins. Nine years ago, young Sanji was an apprentice chef on the Orbit cruise ship telling his older chef companions about his dream to find All Blue, a legendary sea where all types of fishes can be found. After mocking him for believing that such a sea exists, they start to eat the many left-overs left by the clients. When Sanji ask them why they are eating old food when there is plenty of fresh food, the cooks answer him that, on the sea, one does not know what may happen. That just being said, people on the desk start running and asking for help; the ship has just started to be attacked by Zeff and his crew, the Cook Pirates.

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