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Chapter 49

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The Storm
Chapter 49
Chapter Info
Volume: 6
Chapter: 49
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title: Arashi
Viz Title: Storm
Pages: 18
Release Date: July 18, 1998[ref]
Anime: Episode 23 (p. 2-18)
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Chapter 49 is titled "The Storm".

Cover PageEdit

Straw hat and Animals: Nami is hugging a giant seagull, and Luffy's straw hat appears to be on the mailbox nearby.

Short SummaryEdit

Hawk-Eye Mihawk appears and Nami disappears.

Long SummaryEdit

Zeff knows a guy called the hawk-eyes man who seems to fill Gin's description. Zoro's puzzled look from the previous chapter comes from the fact that he is looking for that same person and thought to be found nearby, according to some information Johnny gave him. Consequently, the Straw Hat Pirates decide to head to the Grand Line (despite Sanji's sarcasm).

Meanwhile, Don Krieg's crew recovers thanks to Zeff's food offering. Krieg tells them the plan is to steal the Baratie ship and return to the Grand Line. When he sees the lack of motivation in his men to return to where they were almost killed, he fires on a man who criticizes his decision. The crew quickly changes their mind and obey Krieg's orders.

When Krieg's men attack the restaurant, their galleon is suddenly cut in half. The men are in disbelief as nasty waves rock the boat. Luffy, Zoro, and Usopp worry for the others. When they head to where they left the Going Merry, they find Johnny and Yosaku almost drowning without a ship. The bounty hunters tell them the abominable truth; Nami fled with the Going Merry and all their belongings.

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