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Chapter 485

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Straw Hat Pirate Crew: Pirate Hunter Zoro
Chapter 485
Chapter Info
Volume: 50
Chapter: 485
Japanese Title: 麦わらの一味・海賊狩りのゾロ
Romanized Title: Mugiwara no Ichimi - Kaizoku-Gari no Zoro
Viz Title: Straw Hat Pirates - Pirate Hunter Zolo
Pages: 19
Release Date: January 21, 2008[ref]
Anime: Episode 377 (p. 2-19)
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Chapter 485 is titled "Straw Hat Pirate Crew: Pirate Hunter Zoro".

Cover PageEdit

Straw Hats and Animals: Carue, Eyelashes and the Super Spot-Billed Duck Squad are seen fishing somewhere in Alabasta.

Short SummaryEdit

Thriller Bark is still floating, but everything on it is destroyed. Kuma starts walking towards Luffy and grabs him, but is immediately stopped and cut on the shoulder by Zoro. The shoulder appears to have metallic parts, before Kuma shoots a laser beam at Zoro which explodes as it makes contact with the ground. Kuma reveals that he is a superior type of cyborg. Zoro begs for Kuma to spare Luffy's life and take his instead. Sanji wakes up and comes to Kuma insisting that his life should be the one taken. Zoro knocks out Sanji and Kuma agrees to not take Luffy's life. He repels all of Luffy's pain and fatigue into a giant paw-shaped sphere. Zoro enters it before everyone wakes up and Luffy feels better, much to everyone's surprise. Sanji goes out to look for Zoro and find him covered in blood.

Long SummaryEdit

Thriller Bark is still floating, but everything on the island is destroyed due to Kuma's earlier attack. Kuma passes by all of the knocked out pirates, stopping at where Luffy is at. He grabs Luffy up, but Zoro comes out and cut his shoulder, which is surprisingly made of metal. Kuma then shoots a laser at Zoro the first which he dodges and explodes the ground, and shoots again and hits him. Kuma then reveals that he is a Pacifista created by the World Government, a superior cyborg in comparison to Franky. Zoro has no idea what that is, so Kuma goes on to explain what a Pacifista is, saying that they were made by the scientist Dr. Vegapunk, and made advancements that others would have made five hundred years later.

Zoro asks why he must kill Luffy, and he says it's his best offer. So he begs Kuma to kill him instead of Luffy, and Kuma asks him why he would give up his ambition to be the world's best swordsman and die in Luffy's place and how would his ambition be satisfied if Zoro dies. Zoro responds by saying Luffy must become the Pirate King. Sanji then comes in and says that Zoro is an idiot and Kuma should kill Sanji if someone must die. Then Zoro knocks Sanji out, and Sanji calls him a bastard for it before fainting. Kuma then warns Zoro that he's about to experiences hell, and takes out all of Luffy's pain and fatigue. Zoro takes a small amount of it, and screams in pain, but gets back up to choose a different place to take all of the pain. He then Kuma then comments about how amazing Dragon's son is to have such great companions. Sanji and everyone else wake up to find Kuma gone and Luffy miraculously is better. Sanji, noticing Zoro is not with them, goes off to find Zoro extremely wounded and he will not tell anything to Sanji.

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Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kuma is modified by the genius Marine scientist Dr. Vegapunk into a Pacifista.
  • Vegapunk's intelligence in technology is said to five hundred years ahead of the current One Piece time.
  • Zoro sacrifices himself by taking in all of Luffy's pain and fatigue, and comes out extremely bloodied and injured.
  • Kuma seems to know Luffy's father Dragon.


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