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Chapter 48 is titled "Leave That Path Alone".

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Buggy's Crew: After the Battle! Vol. 10: "Parting with a Formidable Enemy".

Buggy bids Gaimon farewell and leaves the island on a raft.

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Don Krieg is surprised to learn that Zeff is alive. Knowing that Zeff is an infamous former pirate who returned from the Grand Line safely, Don Krieg asks about the journal Zeff kept while travelling. When Zeff refuses to hand over the journal, Don Krieg announces his intentions to steal the journal along with the ship. The Baratie chefs shout that they are ready to protect their restaurant, while Luffy challenges Don Krieg after exclaiming that he will become the Pirate King. Angered, Don Krieg takes the food back to his subordinates and gives the Baratie Chefs and the Straw Hats an ultimatum: to surrender the ship along with Zeff's journal or he would kill them once he returned. After Don Krieg leaves, Gin reveals that Hawk-Eye is responsible for decimating Krieg's fleet. Upon hearing this, Zoro looks shocked.

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Don Krieg is surprised to learn that Zeff is alive. Zeff is nonchalant as he replies to the pirate captain that it has nothing to do with him, whether he is dead or alive and that he is living as a mere cook now. Krieg is amused and comments that from his point of view Zeff is living as chef not by choice, but because it is the only thing he can do. Zeff is angered, but does not say a word. Krieg then proceeds to tell the story of Red Leg Zeff, a once infamous pirate who refused to use his hands in battle as he was a master of kicking. His destructive kicks could pulverize bedrock and leave a clear imprint on steel. He was both the chef and captain of his own crew and he obtained his epithet, Red Leg, from dying his legs in the blood of his enemies after a fight. According to rumors, Zeff was supposed to have died in a shipwreck. Krieg deduces that Zeff managed to survive by sacrificing his leg and as a result he concludes that he is unable to fight anymore, therefore forcing him to retire as a pirate, and become the chef of a restaurant instead. Sanji is shocked to hear this and Zeff acts indifferent saying that he still has his hands, which allows him to cook. Then Zeff questions what Krieg is getting at exactly. Krieg says that since Zeff once traveled into the Grand Line and returned safely, he must have kept a log of his journey. As a result, Krieg desires to have his log. Zeff confirms Krieg's assertions but he refuses to hand his log over due to his feelings for this memento of his former life. Frustrated, Krieg says that he will have to take Zeff's log by force. He acknowledges that he came back from the Grand Line defeated, but he claims that the only reason was because he lacked information. He then declares once more that he will steal Zeff's log along with the ship. The Baratie Chefs are angered and tell Krieg that they will not allow him to take their home away. They advance towards Krieg, but they get pushed back by his attacks. Krieg laughs and says that once he gets his hands on Zeff's log he will reassemble his pirate fleet and then find One Piece to become the greatest pirate of the era. Luffy then stands up and challenges Krieg. He says that he himself will become the Pirate King. Zoro, sitting in a table next to Usopp, causally asks Luffy if he needs a hand. Luffy tells him that there is no need and that he can handle it. Krieg then proceeds to laugh at Luffy's small crew and tells him to stop messing around. He tells Luffy that even with his fleet of 50 ships and crew of 5,000, they were nearly wiped out in a week due to lacking in information. Zoro is intrigued upon hearing this, while Ussop is terrified. Krieg then leaves the restaurant to feed his crew and gives everyone an ultimatum: to hand over Zeff's log and the ship or else they will all die. As a result the chefs are left in a dilemma of whether to fight or run away. They decide to protect the Baratie, since it is the only place where they are accepted. Meanwhile, Gin apologizes for his captain's behavior and tells them the fierceness of the Grand Line since their crew was almost annihilated by just one man whose eyes were like a hawk.

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  • Zeff's epithet, Red Leg, refers to his legs that would be dyed in the blood of his enemies after a fight.
  • Zeff was a chef and a captain back during his pirate days.
  • Zeff was supposed to have died in an accident, but only lost his leg resulting in an inability to fight and retired as a chef.
  • Zeff once entered the Grand Line and returned safely and wrote a journal about his time. Don Krieg wants the journal so he can learn more about the Grand Line and go through it again.
  • Krieg's crew was almost destroyed by a man with the eyes of a hawk on his seventh day into the Grand Line.


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