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Chapter 418 is titled "Luffy vs. Rob Lucci".

Cover PageEdit

Straw Hats and Animals: Chopper is seen racing with some kangoroos and an armilldilo.

Short SummaryEdit

The fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Rob Lucci continues. Nico Robin tries to slow down her progress to the Gates of Justice. The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, Franky, Kokoro, Chimney, and Gonbe try to catch up with Robin, while everyone else tries to escape Enies Lobby.

Long SummaryEdit

The chapter starts off with Roronoa Zoro finishing Kaku. Zoro then gives him the message Paulie gave him which is, "You're fired". Kaku manages to joke around a small bit before handing over the key. Sanji catches up with him, and they both head off to catch up with Nico Robin.

Meanwhile, the giants, carrying the Galley-La Company foremen, the Franky Family, Sodom and Gomorrah, are hurrying to try to escape the island before the Buster Call arrives.

Meanwhile, Spandam and Robin have finally reached the Gates of Justice. Robin tries to run away back to the Straw Hats, but Spandam keeps telling her she has no hope.

Back to the fight with Luffy and Rob Lucci, Luffy is badly hurt. Franky tries his Strong Hammer move, but Lucci merely uses his Tekkai, which is five times stronger then Fukuro's. Lucci then proceeds to beat up Franky. Before he could finish him, Luffy uses Gear Second and hits Lucci with his Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol. Franky is shocked to see such an increase in power. Luffy tells him to go on and catch up to Robin, while he takes care of Lucci, who is now in his human-leopard hybrid form. Lucci reminds him that he stabbed Luffy in this form, but Luffy just said that wound healed after he ate some meat. Lucci again uses his Shigan move, but Luffy dodges and fights back with his Gomu Gomu no Jet Bazooka.

Meanwhile, Spandam manages to shake Robin free and they continue onward. Luffy yells at Franky to hurry up and get Robin. With that, Franky quickly runs off to get her back.

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