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Chapter 335 is titled "WARNING".

Cover PageEdit

Volume: 35 Pg.: 14

Gedatsu's Accidental Blue-Sea Life Vol. 19: "Gedatsu Knocks Out the Wood Priest!!"

Short SummaryEdit

An angry Franky searches for the Straw Hats, while it is revealed that Aqua Laguna is due to hit the island. Iceburg finally regains consciousness and reveals that there was two attackers, one being Nico Robin.

Long SummaryEdit

Angry at the destruction of the Franky House and his followers, Franky is angered and declares he can never forgive the Straw Hat Pirates. A small group of the Franky Family show up and explain they had been searching for the Straw Hats' location to allow Franky to avenge them.

At the Shift Station, a strong wind has appeared. Kokoro states that it is Karock, the South wind, and that the waves have become rougher. Declaring that the sea train will stop that night, she tells Chimney and Gonbe to get ready to go to the island as the "Aqua Laguna is coming".

Back at Water 7, the entire island is warned that Aqua Laguna is coming. Most of the residents, who had forgotten this, begin to act hastily. Sanji and Chopper, who heard the announcement, ask a citizen what "Aqua Laguna" is and it is revealed to be a high tide that will sink the town around midnight. A repeat announcement is seen before the location is changed to the Galley-La Company headquarters. A large group of reporters are outside questioning the members while Nami and Luffy are outside Shipyard 1 where a large group of concerned citizens are awaiting news of Iceburg.

Music suddenly begins to play which then causes panic to the people outside confusing both Nami and Luffy. Three figures behind a piece of fabric which appear standing on top of the archway. While the citizens shout insults, one figure demands that Luffy reveals himself. Throwing the fabric away, the figures are revealed to be Mozu and Kiwi with an unmasked Franky. As people begin to flee the scene, an angry looking Luffy yells at Franky asking who he is.

Back at the headquarters, Kalifa reveals Iceburg has woken up to the delight of the Galley-La Workers and the reporters outside. Iceburg reveals that he remembers the that there were two attackers, one a big man wearing a mask and a tall woman with black hair who he identifies as Nico Robin.

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Chapter NotesEdit

  • Aqua Laguna will arrive at Water 7 at midnight and will submerge the lower half of the town.
  • Franky confronts Luffy in Water 7, wanting revenge for the destruction of the Franky House.
    • Franky reveals his true appearance for the first time.
  • Iceburg regains consciousness, much to the relief of the Galley-La Company and the citizens of Water 7.
    • Iceburg reveals that one of his attackers was Robin.


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