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Chapter 332 is titled "Luffy vs. Usopp".

Cover PageEdit

Volume: 35 Pg.:

Gedatsu's Accidental Blue-Sea Life Vol. 17: "Hot Spring Found; Yayyy!!!"

Short SummaryEdit

Usopp and Luffy fight for the Going Merry.

Long SummaryEdit

An angered Nami rants at Luffy trying to stop the upcoming duel however, Luffy does not pay much attention. As she continues to complain, he tells her to stop explaining that there is no turning back and remembers Usopp telling Luffy that he will return at 10pm to fight. He continues that Usopp would not give his life and tells Nami to "chill" which silences her.

On deck, Zoro and Sanji have an argument about Zoro's first encounter with the Franky Family, blaming each other for not taking them out then. Nami interrupts the pair as Chopper returns from trying to treat the heavily injured Usopp but is sent back and tearily explains Usopp's rejection of their friendship. Nami comments this is like the whole group is falling apart.

At ten o'clock, Usopp returns to duel Luffy who is already waiting for him in front of the Going Merry. The two exchange words in which Usopp states that he will be the victor explaining that unlike those Luffy's past opponents, he know him. The others watch on as Usopp starts the fight by lying, Chopper believes him, and he is told to go inside.

As Luffy charges to attack, Usopp begins an attacker however he collapses and coughs up some blood causing the others to panic and Luffy stop his attack. But Usopp reveals it is just ketchup and blinds Luffy using a Flash Dial and shoots rotten eggs at him. Angered by this, Luffy tells him to fight seriously however, Usopp explains that this is his fighting style before firing tabasco into Luffy's mouth. This causes him to fall back onto Usopp's "Caltrop Hell" and Usopp states he plans to win via any means possible while the others state how fast the attacks have been.

As Luffy stumbles onto his feet, Usopp continues to attack firing shuriken which are just avoided in time. While catching his breath, Luffy notices smoke surrounding him and it is explained that due to the rotten eggs, gas was able to surround him without being detected. The others watch as Usopp fires fire causing the area to explode shocking the other Straw Hats who can do nothing but watch.

As the pair sit exhausted after the blast, the Going Merry is seen with water running off of it, giving the impression it is crying.

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Chapter NotesEdit

  • Nami tries to convince Luffy not to fight against Usopp.
    • With the duel, the constant arguments, and Robin's disappearance, Nami feels the group is falling apart.
  • The fight between Luffy and Usopp begins for control of the Going Merry.
    • Usopp uses a few Dials he gained from Skypeia in the fight, such as the Flash Dial and Breath Dial.


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