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Chapter 330 is titled "I've Decided".

Cover PageEdit

Volume: 35

Gedatsu's Accidental Blue-Sea Life Vol. 15: "The Priest Took him and Remodeled his Helmet"

Short SummaryEdit

The Straw Hat Pirates attack the Franky Family to get revenge for Usopp and finally decide it is time to say goodbye to the Going Merry.

Long SummaryEdit

As the Straw Hats make their way to the door of the Franky House, one of the members inside is sent to buy food and drink. Opening the door, he is greeted by the Straw Hat Pirates and is sent flying to the shock of the other members.

Underestimating the four, the Franky Family mock and threaten them however, after Luffy manages to smash a member's armor they realize how strong the Straw Hat Pirates really are. After trying to trick them, they fire multiple cannons which Zoro easily slice through despite them being made of iron. To the shock of the Franky Family, he also manages to cut the cannons himself. The Franky Family, realizing that they are not as weak as they thought, try to escape through the back door but are confronted by Sanji who stops them from escaping. Realizing it is not possible to escape via the exits, they attempt to flee out though the windows but are again stopped, this time by Chopper.

In an attempt to stop themselves being attacked any more, one member of the Franky Family, Zambai, informs them that the money they stole has been taken away by their boss, Franky. However, he is sent flying as the Straw Hats explain that the money is no longer important, it's what they did to Usopp. As a last measure, the Franky Family uses their special cannon to try and stop the attack however, the Straw Hats easily avoid the attacks and easily defeats the remaining members.

After destroying the Franky House, Chopper takes care of Usopp's wounds while the Straw Hats discuss what they should do next. Instead of waiting for Franky, they decide to return to their ship since they already have enough problems at the moment. Luffy then announces that it is time to say goodbye to Going Merry.

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Chapter NotesEdit

  • Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, & Chopper destroy the Franky House, exacting revenge for Usopp, and the Franky Family are all defeated.
    • Luffy shows a new technique, Gomu Gomu no Cannon, to defeat a giant wearing armor.
    • Zoro shows a new technique, Santoryu: Karasuma Gari, to cut through cannonballs made of iron.
  • As Chopper treats Usopp's injuries, Zoro and Sanji discuss going after Franky, but decide against it and prepare to head back to the Going Merry, realizing Nami is there alone and Robin is still missing.
  • Luffy has decided it's time to say goodbye to the Going Merry.


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