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Chapter 160 is titled "8 o'clock at Spiders Cafe".

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Color Spread: Baroque Works Officer Agents, with Luffy and Eyelashes.

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The Straw Hat Pirates head to the Yuba Oasis to negotiate with the rebel leaders to stop the rebellion. Meanwhile, Crocodile and Miss All Sunday finish preparations for the operation, which is to occur two days from now at 7 AM. They have the remaining Officer Agents - Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, and Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas - gather at the Spiders Cafe, with Mr. 3 listening in from the outside. The Officer Agents, once assembled, leave for Rainbase to meet Mr. 0.

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After Ace's departure, the Straw Hat Pirates head to Yuba. They ask Luffy about the piece of paper Ace gave to him, which has nothing written on it. Despite that, Luffy wants to hold on to it because Ace wanted him to, so Nami sewed the paper to the underside of Luffy's hat for safe keeping. The Straw Hats subsequently change into clothes that will protect them from the burning temperature, which Vivi warns Luffy about. They arrive at the mouth of the Sandora River, and Vivi explains through a map she sketched the way they will travel to Yuba. They will exit the river and head inland, across from the town of Erumalu, where they will lay anchor. Afterwards, they will travel across the desert to the Yuba Oasis, so Vivi can meet the Rebel leader to explain the situation. Vivi is persuaded that they can stop Baroque Works and save her country.

Meanwhile Crocodile and Miss All Sunday are finalizing their plan, which begins two days from now at 7 o'clock AM. Crocodile asks Miss All Sunday about the necessary preparations, in which Miss All Sunday answers reassuringly, telling him about the 150 Billions agents waiting at Nanohana. She also mentions Mr. 2 Bon Kurei's failure in finding and taking care of Mr. 3, much to Crocodile's annoyance. Miss All Sunday also revealed that the remaining Officer Agents are set to meet at Spiders Cafe, that night at 8.

Spiders Cafe is revealed to be the Baroque Works Alabasta Headquarters. Inside, a woman is reading a magazine while listening to a vinyl record. Immediately after, Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas come into the Cafe with a ruckus. Miss Merry Christmas is blaming Mr. 4 for the long trip, which caused her hips to ache, in which Mr. 4 apologizes for very slowly. Miss Merry Christmas greets the woman, Paula, the owner of the Cafe, and asks her how business is. She notes how there isn't anybody else in the Cafe, and Paula explains that the Cafe is reserved for the Officer Agents that night. Paula mentions how she hasn't seen the Mr. 4 team in a while, and offers Miss Merry Christmas an orange pekoe tea and an apple tea for Mr. 4. Miss Merry Christmas hurries Paula up, and impatiently bangs on the counter. Paula then asks about their work, and Miss Merry Christmas snaps at her saying work is dangerous as always, so Paula apologizes.

Suddenly, singing is heard in the Cafe, despite the music being played is a sonata. Outside, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei and his subordinate Billions dance towards the Spiders Cafe, while learning about the okama Way. Mr. 2 Bon Kurei enters the building in a tippy-toe, where Paula comments if Mr. 2 is an idiot. Mr. 2 laughs it off saying he's an okama, and asks Paula for octofait, an octopus parfait; which Paula doesn't serve. Mr. 2 then dismisses his billion subordinates, reminding them not to slack off on their dance practices. Meanwhile, Miss Merry Christmas is getting a massage from Mr. 4, and Mr. 2 notices them by saying that "the fat old hag" is also attending. He then discusses with Paula about the Mr. 1 pair, whom he has never met, but has heard rumors of Mr. 1's intimidating personality, which doesn't bother Mr. 2. From afar, through a window, it is revealed Mr. 3 is spying on the gathering.

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