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Chapter 142

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Skull, Crossbone and Sakura
Chapter 142
Chapter Info
Volume: 16
Chapter: 142
Japanese Title: ドクロと桜
Romanized Title: Dokuro to Sakura
Viz Title: Skull and Cherry Blossoms
Pages: 19
Release Date: July 3, 2000[ref]
Anime: Episode 85 (p. 2-3, 9-19)
Episode 91 (p. 4-8)
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Chapter 142 is titled "Skull, Crossbone and Sakura".

Cover PageEdit

Volume: 16 Pg.: 129

Jango's Dance Paradise Vol. 13: "Jango Thoughtlessly Enters the Dance Contest".

Jango enters the contest and everyone gets down!

Short SummaryEdit

Years ago, Dalton assisted a World Government summit about the emergence of a new enemy: the Revolutionary, Dragon. There, he encountered young Vivi who showed him how someone who cared about his country should behave.

Meanwhile, Chopper was finally happy, able to spend time with Dr. Hiluluk. The fake doctor tried to reproduce a Sakura bloom in a winter environment. He told Chopper a story of a thief who had an incurable disease by medical standards. Once he saw a Sakura boom in the winter, he was instantly cured of his affliction. Hiluluk believed that it was the key to a universal medicine which would help to cure this country, sick of Wapol's behavior. As a symbol of his determination to succeed, Hiluluk drew a Jolly Roger with cherry flower petals as a symbol of hope and relinquished dreaming.

After a year of laughs and disputes, Dr. Hiluluk asked Chopper to leave him, pretending he was now cured. The reindeer did not understand this sudden change of attitude and tried to hurt himself so that the doctor would take him back. But Hiluluk fired a shot at him and told him to never come back.

Long SummaryEdit

Dr.Hiluk ponders as to why Chopper did not speak to him before, while Chopper answers him saying that if he had then he probably would have been shunned, which Hiluk scoffs at then gets scared when one of his experiments is about to explode. Meanwhile Dalton is talking to Chess and Marimo about he state of their kingdom, wondering if it is heading in the right direction, to which they reply it is, which prompt Dalton to remember the meeting of kings when Wapol was being disrespectful and hit a girl who brushed it off. Back at Hiluk's hideout he tells Chopper that the kingdom is sick, and how a thief who was once very sick was cured by cherry blossoms. He then tells Chopper of how he pirate flag is a symbol of faith, they then go to treat patients but are cast out each time, and uses Chopper as a decoy to get away and gives him a hat as a present. One year later Chopper is completely cured and i kicked out of Hiluk's home for some reason, and Chopper tries to get back in by injuring himself, but fails and iis attacked by Hiluk who is seen sobbing after.

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first introduction/new introduction
first apparition

4: real identity revealed

Pirates Citizens Revolutionaries
Black Cat Pirates
Drum Island


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