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Chapter 127 is titled "Den Den Mushi".

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Jango's Dance Paradise Vol. 2: "First, Know Your Place".

Jango spots the Black Cat Pirates ship on the horizon and realizes he has been marooned.

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Brogy is crying every tear he can but is soon relieved when Dorry surprisingly wakes up. During their 100 year fight, their weapon became blunt, hence the Giants' wounds were not fatal.

Meanwhile, Sanji has answered a phone call from Mr. 0. Understanding that this conversation was not meant for him, and that an enemy is on the other side of the line, he lies to the Shichibukai by pretending to be Mr. 3, claiming to have killed the Straw Hats. However, Crocodile has sent the Unluckies to Little Garden in order to give an Eternal Pose to Mr. 3. At that moment, Sanji spots them looking in the window. They attack Sanji but he is able to quickly subdue them. Mr. 0 hears the noise and becomes suspicious. Sanji pretends that he had to give the Straw Hats one final blow. After hanging up, Crocodile asks Miss All Sunday to send Mr. 2 to Little Garden in order to kill Mr. 3.

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Brogy is crying because he believes he has killed Dorry. He is relieved when Dorry suddenly gets up and explains that after their years of fighting their weapons must have aged and have grown non-lethal. Brogy exclaims his joy for seeing Dorry alive but their happiness soon leads them to another small argument.

Meanwhile back at Mr.3's wax house, Sanji is talking to Mr. 0 and pretending to be Mr. 3. He then informs Mr. 0 that he has killed Vivi and the Straw Hats much to the pleasure of Mr. 0. Mr. 0 informs Sanji that the Unluckies will be at little garden shortly to deliver him an eternal log pose to Alabasta. The Unluckies then arrive and attack Sanji who quickly defeats them, and tells Mr. 0 that one of the Straw Hats was still alive but that he finished them. This angers Mr. 0 and he hangs up, and then informs Miss All Sunday to send Mr. 2 to Little Garden so that he may assassinate Mr. 3 for giving him a false report.

Sanji then finds the eternal log pose.

Elsewhere, Smoker has intercepted their phone call.

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  • Dorry is still alive due to the fact both his sword and Brogy's axe have rusted over the years due to the lack of proper care.
  • Sanji tricks Mr. 0 by pretending to be Mr. 3 and gets an Eternal Pose set for Alabasta.
  • As Sanji has to fight the Unluckies pair, Mr. 13 and Miss Friday, the noises causes Mr. 0 to believe Mr. 3 had lied to him, but Sanji is able to cover it up.
  • Mr. 0 decides to order Miss All Sunday to send Mr. 2 to kill Mr. 3 for lying to him.
  • Mr. 0 has the ability to dehydrate things he touches.


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