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Chapter 126 is titled "Instinct".

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Jango's Dance Paradise Vol. 1: "He Has Awakened".

Jango wakes up after Usopp defeated him.

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Finally free from their wax prison, Zoro, Vivi and Nami help Usopp in defeating Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine. Meanwhile, seeing his wax powers have been neutralized, Mr. 3 flees into the forest. Luffy and Carue immediately pursue him. When they catch up to Mr. 3, they discover his Doru Doru Mansion -- numerous Mr. 3 wax statues -- making the real one impossible to recognize. But this is without counting Luffy's instinct, which helps him beat Mr. 3 after the first attack.

Meanwhile, Sanji is tranquilly savoring tea in Mr. 3's former base house. When he realizes this is no time for rest and is about to leave, a phone rings. Mr. 0 is calling.

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The fire from Mr. 3's hair is used to ignite the oil covered rope and create a furnace. This frees the waxed Zoro, Vivi, Brogy, and Nami.

Mr. 3 attempts to escape and Luffy chases after him. Mr. 5 becomes angry while Miss Valentine attempts to kill Usopp. She increases her weight while sitting on him and attempts to perform a 10,000 guillotine press but is stopped by Nami and Vivi.

Just as Mr. 5 aims his gun at Vivi, Usopp announces he is firing an exploding bullet and lets it fly. Mr. 5 ate the bullet out of midair once again, but this time begins to experience pain. Usopp reveals it was really his Tabasco sauce shot. Mr. 5 moves to kill Usopp but is stopped by the newly freed Zoro. Brogy once again is freed as well.

Meanwhile, Luffy chases Mr. 3 through the jungle. He is furious at Mr. 3 for destroying the pride of the giants' battle. He finally comes across a multitude of Mr. 3's wax statues. Luffy uses his instincts and pick out the real Mr. 3, beating him once and for all.

Elsewhere, Sanji is enjoying a nice cup of tea when the phone rings and on the other end is Mr. 0.

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  • The four Baroque Works agents are defeated.
    • Miss Valentine is defeated by Nami and Vivi's teamwork before she can crush Usopp to death.
    • After Usopp tricks him into consuming spicy sauce, Mr. 5 is defeated by Zoro before an angry Mr. 5 could kill Usopp.
    • Mr. 3 is defeated by Luffy on pure instinct.
    • Miss Goldenweek is easily defeated by Carue offscreen.
  • Sanji while inside Mr. 3's wax house gets a call from Mr. 0.


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