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Chapter 125 is titled "Candle Champion".

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Animal Theater: Vivi and Carue shopping.

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Sanji grows tired while waiting for the Straw Hats' return. He becomes increasingly worried when thinking about Vivi and Nami's safety and leaves the ship to search for them. He stumbles upon Mr. 3's candle house while exploring the jungle.

Meanwhile, Luffy is free of Miss Goldenweek's Colors Trap signs. However, Mr. 3 has recovered and returns with a full armor of wax -- his Candle Champion. Luffy punches him, but the armor is too hard. That is when Usopp realizes that wax is melting again when put in contact with fire. However, his attempt to save his friends is countered by Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine. To help him, Usopp asks Carue to take a special oil-covered rope and put it around the Candleabra. Once Usopp explains the plan, Luffy decides to use Mr. 3's own fiery hair as a lighter.

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Sanji is shown back at the ship, wondering where everyone is located. He decides to look for them when he becomes particularly concerned about the girls, Vivi and Nami, being in danger. However, as Sanji explores the jungle he stumbles upon Mr. 3's wax house.

Meanwhile, the Baroque works agents taunt Luffy as Mr. 3 unveils his Candle Champion technique. Luffy finds the wax armor cool to the Straw Hat's chagrin. Luffy regains his bearing and attacks Mr. 3, though his candle champion technique proves a formidable match. Usopp realizes a way to free their friends, but is stopped by Mr. 5 who bombards him. He hands Carue a piece of rope and instructs him to wrap it around the Candleabra. Miss. Valentine overhears his plan and who then begins to attack Usopp by seeing how much weight he can take while she sits on him.

It seems pretty bad for the Straw Hats as Luffy is unable to gain the upper-hand against Mr. 3, Usopp is being crushed by Miss. Valentine, and Carue is on the run the run from Mr. 5. But Luffy suddenly grabs Mr. 3's hair and uses his hair to light Carue's rope which is revealed to be covered in oil.

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  • Sanji who has decided to look for the others comes across Mr. 3's house.
  • Mr. 3's Candle Champion is introduced.
  • Usopp correctly suspects that Mr. 3's powers are weak against fire which Miss Goldenweek confirms much to Mr. 3's annoyance.
  • Usopp stages his plan of using an oil soaked rope to burn down the Candle Service quickly since there is too little time left to save Zoro, Nami, and Vivi.
  • Since Usopp has been subdued by Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine, he has Carue carry the rope around the Candle Service to set up his plan.
  • Luffy decides to use the fiery portion of Mr. 3's hair to complete Usopp's plan.


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