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Chapter 123 is titled "Luffy vs. Mr. 3".

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Animal Theater: Usopp and a giraffe on a canoe.

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With Luffy's arrival, Zoro and Nami are relieved and ask him to destroy the Candleabra, but Mr. 3 does not want him to be involved in his art work and tries to imprison him in wax. However, Luffy uses the wax on his feet as a hammer and destroys the pillar. Unfortunately, this move does not provide much help, on the contrary the rotating candles start getting closer and the wax's transformation speed is increased. Luffy tries another attack to the Candleabra but is stopped by Mr. 3.

Usopp attempts to launch an exploding shot at Mr. 3 to help Luffy but his attacked is stopped by Mr. 5.

Mr. 3 tries to catch Luffy again, but is only able to get his arm. Luffy, once again, uses his new hammer against Mr. 3 who defends himself with a Candle Wall. Luffy's strength combined with the wax's hardness shatters the wall and Mr. 3 is sent flying away. With their enemies' boss defeated, the Straw Hats think that they will soon be free from their wax prison, when Luffy becomes strangely uncooperative.

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Luffy promises to destroy the candle, even though he does not know what it is. Usopp also lets the Baroque works agents that he is not the same as before.

Meanwhile, Zoro switches his pose so as to appear more statuesque if he were to become a full-fledged statue. Miss. Goldenweek points out to Mr. 3 that the prisoners are not showing fear. Mr. 3 becomes annoyed that they are not taking his art seriously.

Luffy prepares to fight and Mr. 3 accepts his challenge. Usopp also prepares to fight.

Brogy asks Zoro why he has stopped trying to escape. Zoro responds that Luffy will free them. Luffy then attacks but is quickly caught in a candle lock. He uses it to his advantage by using the lock as a hammer technique and destroys the Candleabra.

Unfortunately this does not stop the waxing process. In fact, it has sped up his friends future demise. Mr. 3 continues his attack, but Usopp interrupts with an explosive bullet. However. Mr. 5 moves in too quick and eats the bullet in mid-air.

Luffy continues his assault on Mr. 3. Luffy finally strikes him with a hit that sends Mr. 3 flying. He is free to save his friends but announces he doesn't want to help them. He has become strangely uncooperative as Miss. Goldenweek activated her "color trap".

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