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Chapter 119 is titled "Makeshift".

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Diary of Koby-Meppo (Final) Vol. 30: "Laughing Garp and the Hard-Working Young Men".

The Vice Admiral is pleased by Koby's and Helmeppo's progress. They are sparring with Bogard.

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Dorry pins Luffy under a rock due to Luffy's intervening. Dorry claims he will fight again even if he has been wounded as it would be dishonorable to refuse the fight. Luffy becomes enraged by the fact that the giants' fight has been sabotaged but can do nothing. Meanwhile, Nami and Usopp try to get back to the Going Merry now that Brogy has left them, but are not very confident due to the fact they could be eaten by a dinosaur.

Meanwhile, Mr. 3 explains how he will be able to catch the giants and Vivi's companions without using dirty work and it seems Nami and Zoro are the first to fall into his trap.

After hearing Nami scream, Usopp is afraid she may have died. As soon as he finds Vivi and Luffy, he tells them the situation while the others tell him about what happened to Dorry. However, the Giant is fighting with all his might and does not lose. Annoyed by his stubbornness, Mr. 3 intervenes once again.

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As Brogy leaves for his duel, Usopp is seen shouting encouragement at him while Nami wonders why the two are still fighting, she then suggests that they go back to the ship. Usopp however points out that neither of them could defeat a dinosaur if they encountered one, but Nami also points out that they have no choice and the two leave.

Meanwhile at Dorry's camp, Luffy is trapped under a giant skeleton so that he cannot move, while Dorry goes to fight with Brogy. Luffy is seen enraged that he is helpless to stop Dorry from fighting and that the real culprit is still out there somewhere.

Meanwhile Mr. 3 explains to Mr. 5 and Miss. Valentine about his plan to capture the giants and then to take out the Straw Hats.

Elsewhere, Zoro realizes that he is lost, when he spots what appears to be Nami.

However, the real Nami and Usopp are running from a dinosaur when Nami spot what appears to be Luffy.

Usopp suddenly realizes he is alone and Nami doesn't answer his calls. This scares Usopp as he is alone and runs into Luffy and tells him of his belief that Nami has been eaten by a dinosaur. Vivi calms him down and explains that she is probably still alive since he never visually confirmed her death. She then informs him of the rum event, which angers Usopp as it makes the duel unfair.

At the duel, Brogy is slowly gaining the advantage and Mr. 3 decides to help Brogy.

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  • Zoro gets lost again.
  • Nami and Zoro are captured by Mr. 3.
  • Usopp meets up with Vivi and Luffy.
  • Vivi begins to correctly assume that Baroque Works is behind the mysterious problems on Little Garden due to the clues, since Usopp was not taken when Nami was due to not being on their hit list.


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