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Chapter 117 is titled "Dorry and Brogy".

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Color Spread: Dorry and Brogy are sitting with the Straw Hats playing on their bodies.

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On Kyuka Island Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek, two Baroque Works officer agents who are relaxing, receive an order from their boss to arrest the people who have defeated Mr. 5.

Unaware of their new enemy, the Straw Hats watch the amazing fight between the two giants Brogy and Dorry. Even if they have been fighting for 100 years, their motivation has not diminished and every attack would kill a normal being. Amazed by the show, Usopp realizes that this is the type of warrior he wants to become. However, like the 73,466 previous fights, it ends with a tie.

Back in his house, Dorry drinks the rum the Straw Hats gave to Brogy. They learn that it will be hard to leave the island quickly since it takes one year for the Log Pose to set. The only other option is an Eternal Pose to Elbaf but only the winner of the giants' fight will get it. Suddenly, while Vivi wonders how she will be able to save her country, Dorry is injured because the beer he drank explodes in his stomach.

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At Kyuka Island, Mr. 3 is relaxing, when he asks Miss Goldenweek what she is looking at to which she replies that she is staring at orders they received from their boss.

Back on Little Garden, Dorry and Brogy continue their fight, which inspires Usopp who has watching the fight from afar. Usopp hopes to one day visit Elbaf. Meanwhile, the fight between the two Giants ends in a draw, and back at Dorry's camp he is once again relaxing and talking with Luffy, who tells him about how most crews don't last the year long journey on the island for several reasons. Vivi then question if their is a quicker way off the island to which Dorry replies that they could try to steal his eternal log pose, but Luffy refuses.

At Brogy's camp Usopp is telling Brogy how he wants to be like him one day, which Brogy thinks he means that he wants to be a giant but Usopp corrects him saying he wants to be a brave warrior of the sea. Suddenly the rum that Dorry was drinking exploded, confused and worried Luffy rushes over to help while wondering who could have done such a thing. To which Dorry responds that it must have been them, which causes an altercation to arise between him and Luffy.

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