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Chapter 109

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Responsibility Problem
Chapter 109
Chapter Info
Volume: 13
Chapter: 109
Japanese Title: 責任問題
Romanized Title: Sekinin Mondai
Viz Title: A Question of Duty
Pages: 19
Release Date: October 18, 1999[ref]
Anime: Episode 68 (p. 1)
Episode 65 (p. 2-19)
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Chapter 109 is titled "Responsibility Problem".

Cover PageEdit

Volume: 13 Pg.: 7

Diary of Coby-Meppo Vol. 22: "We are Worthless".

The duo exclaim at being completely useless.

Short SummaryEdit

The chapter begins with Mr. 8, Ms. Wednesday, and Mr. 9 looking at Zoro, thinking Zoro is the actual captain with the 30,000,000 belly bounty. Mr. 8 attacks Zoro along with the other 2, and Ms. Wednesday calls for Carue, who mistook the call for telling him to give her his hand. Ms. Wednesday tells Carue to run, and again, he mistook this for telling him to "sit", much to Ms. Wednesday's annoyance.

While Zoro stands watching, Mr. 9 attacks from behind with amazing acrobatic skills. Zoro slowly pulls out a sword, and points it at Mr. 9, to his horror. Zoro walks toward him and he blocks with his iron bats. When Zoro asks what happened to his acrobatics, Mr. 9 jumps up trying to show him them, but to his shock, he falls from the building he was on. Then, Ms. Wednesday comes up next and attacks Zoro, but Carue goes the wrong way by mistake and they go far away. Mr. 8 attacks next, and Zoro hides. Then, the 3 agents revive themselves and attack Zoro together at once, but he easily defeats them.

Long SummaryEdit

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Chapter NotesEdit

  • Male agents of Baroque Works get their code name from their strength based on the rest.
  • Female agents of Baroque Works code names are from random holidays or days of the week.
  • Baroque Works agents are paired based on gender (males paired with females).
  • Carue is introduced.


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