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Chapter 107 is titled "Moonlight and Gravestones".

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Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates relaxing in a forest.

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The Straw Hats feast with the people of Whiskey Peak and have a good time after the difficulties of traveling the Grand Line. However, as soon as they pass out Igarappoi begins a conversation with the mysterious couple from Twin Cape. The party was in reality a trap, Igarappoi is also called Mr. 8 and has the Straw Hats drunk in order to steal their treasures and Luffy's bounty.

Unfortunately, Zoro did not fall into the trap. Zoro announces he knows that they are bounty hunters belonging to organization Baroque Works. He was once offered to become a member of the organization but declined. To protect their secret, the bounty hunters attack him.

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The Straw Hats are all having fun with the people of Whiskey Peak, with Usopp telling tall tales, Zoro and Nami drinking, Luffy eating, and Sanji hanging out with woman. Mr.9 and Miss Wednesday are then seen writing up a report to their mysterious boss. Back at the party, Zoro has just defeated his 13th opponent in drinking and handle anymore while Nami is on her 15th drink before collapsing herself. Elsewhere, Luffy has become full, Usopp has fun, and Sanji has become intoxicated by the woman of Whiskey Peak.

After nightfall, the Straw hats have fallen asleep while the members of the town are still awake. They then reveal that they are bounty hunters and are astonished to find out that Luffy is worth Beli30,000,000. Zoro is, in fact, awake and not intoxicated as was assumed earlier. He then announces he will take them all down as he knows they are members of the Baroque Works. The villagers of Whiskey Peak attack Zoro but underestimate his abilities as he defeats the majority of them very quickly.

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  • The Straw Hat Pirates fall in a trap.
  • The townsfolk of Whiskey Peak are members of a mysterious organization: Baroque Works.
  • Baroque Works appears to be made up of bounty hunters.
  • Zoro knows of the organization and the trap.
  • Zoro was invited to be one of the Baroque Works some time ago but he declined the offer.


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