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Chapter 105 is titled "Log Pose".

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Diary of Koby-Meppo Vol. 19: "Morgan Alone".

Morgan sails the ocean without his son.

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Nami begins crying in frustration when her compass breaks. Crocus tells the Straw Hat Pirates, who know nothing about the Grand Line, that they need a Log Pose to be able to navigate safely on this sea. Indeed, without this mysterious compass, which follows the magnetic field generated by the different islands, one is as good as dead.

Fortunately, Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 forgot their Log Pose on the Going Merry. But their luck is destroyed along with the Log Pose when Sanji accidentally breaks it while fighting with Luffy. However, as a thanks for saving Laboon, Crocus gives them a new one. Meanwhile, Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 have come back to retrieve their Log Pose, which is the only way for them to return to their island. After the pair beg for the Straw Hats to save them, Luffy agrees to help them, despite the fact that they are far from trustworthy. With the first destination decided, the Straw Hats accompany Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 back to Whiskey Peak.

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After painting on a crudely drawn symbol of the Straw Hat pirate's flag, Luffy and co. prepare to leave, Nami however is frustrated because she believes that their compass is broken. Crocus then educates them on the odd geomagnetic anomalies that exist on the Grand line and explains to them they require a special compass to navigate: the log pose. After describing the log pose, Luffy then asks if it is similar to the mysterious object he found earlier to which Crocus replies that it is in fact a log pose. After being questioned as to how he came across a log pose, Luffy explains that Mr. 9 and miss Wednesday dropped it earlier, Crocus then goes on to explain how their are seven different paths one can travel in the first half of the Grand line and the log pose is required to lock on to one of the paths. He then explains that no matter what path they choose they all eventually converge onto Raftel the final island of the Grand Line, and that only Gold Roger has ever made it there. Unfortunately Sanji the breaks the crews Log pose, but Crocus then gives them another one, they then run into Mr. 9 and miss Wednesday again who request a lift to their town. Luffy agrees, and the crew then says their goodbyes to Crocus and Laboon.

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  • Luffy promises Laboon that he will return once he is done with the Grand Line.
  • Usopp makes one of his many repairs on Going Merry despite his statement about not being a carpenter.
  • At Twin Cape, one can choose between seven paths that will determine the entire journey on the Grand Line, the Straw Hats decide to take the one which leads to Whiskey Peak in order to help Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9.
  • The navigation device, Log Pose, and the Grand Line's magnetic fields are explained to the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • The final island of the Grand Line is Raftel.
  • The only one to reach Raftel was Gold Roger and his crew. This makes the Straw Hats think that One Piece is on Raftel.


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