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Romaji templates in general used on Template:Episode Box to add anime stuff Japanese and Romaji names also added a hardcoded category and automatically index the episode number. If for any reason you use the template in no "Episode xxxx" page the category will not be added.

How to use the Romaji templates: First in order to work with those templates you need to know the Japanese name of the anime stuff.


Each template has 4 or 5 option:

  • R --> Romaji

{{井上栄作|R}} --> Eisaku Inoue

  • RL --> Romaji + Link

{{井上栄作|RL}} --> Eisaku Inoue

  • L --> Kanji and Romaji+Link

{{井上栄作|L}} --> 井上栄作 - Eisaku Inoue

  • Default --> Kanji and Romaji

{{井上栄作}} --> 井上栄作 - Eisaku Inoue

If the animation director or the episode director is also a Storyboarder set the second parameter to S.
This will change the category from Episode animated by Eisaku Inoue to Episode storyboarded by Eisaku Inoue.

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