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This category lists all redirects that have the same target as some authorized redirect.


They are sorted according to the related authorized redirect. For example, if "Mandrills", "Humandrills", and "Fighting Monkeys" all redirect to the target of the authorized redirect Humandrill, i.e., "Animal Species/Summit War Saga#Humandrill", they are all can be found at key "Humandrill".

Adding Redirects

To categorize a "redirect to an authorized redirect", replace the page content by {{subst:redirect|<destination>|target=<name of corresponding authorized redirect>}}, where <destination>is the name of the page targeted by the redirect, and <name of corresponding authorized redirect> is the name of the authorized redirect with the same destination. For example, the pages linking to "Animal Species/Summit War Saga#Humandrill" must be created with

{{subst:redirect|Animal Species/Summit War Saga#Humandrill|target=Humandrill}}


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