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This category contains the images displayed in Character boxes.

Note on the table on content

Please use sorting keys when necessary (Unless the image already starts with the characters' name), so the images are sorted correctly: use [[Category:Character Infobox Images|NAME]], with NAME the name of the character.

The following rules have been used for such cases:

  • No rank or title prefix (Vice Admiral Onigumoportait.png is at the letter O for Onigumo, ChildNamiportrait.png is at the letter N for Nami). The only exception is the Baroque Works agents which are at the letter M since they are more known this way.
  • The files are classed under the given name since they are the more used (Boa.face1.png portrait is at the letter H for Hancock).
  • Unnamed characters are categorized under [[Category:Characters box images|?]] and are therefore at the beginning of the list.


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