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Carina is a songstress who works on the Gran Tesoro in One Piece Film: Gold.[4]


Carina is a slim woman with purple hair and blue eyes. She wears a backless black dress with a large slit in the middle, a red feathery cloak, and a flower in her hair. When she was a teenager, had shorter hair, wore a white long-sleeved shirt, blacks pants, and brown shoes.[4]


Carina is not above putting people in danger in order to protect herself, as seen when she used Nami as a decoy to escape from Mad Treasure.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Carina has a beautiful singing voice.[4]

She is a skilled thief, being able to break into a safe even before Nami. Nami refers to her as one of her competitors.[2] [5]



In the past, Carina and Nami were competitors. They were somewhat friendly toward each other, shown by their reaction upon meeting during one of their robbery attempts. Their connection, however, didn't stop Carina from using Nami as a decoy for her own escape. [2]



Nami's Memory of Mad Treasure

Carina and Nami are caught by Mad Treasure.

Sometime in the past, she broke into Mad Treasure's safe, but was caught by him along with Nami. She then betrayed her and escaped.[2] However, it was later revealed that her betrayal was in fact an attempt to prevent Mad Treasure from killing both of them.

Heart of GoldEdit

Tesoro Receives Report

Carina and Tesoro sit in a pool in Gran Tesoro.

Carina was in a pool of gold with Gild Tesoro when Tanaka came to inform him about Mad Treasure's failure in obtaining the Pure Gold.[2]

One Piece Film: GoldEdit

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Video GamesEdit

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