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CP5 Infobox
Japanese Name: シーピーファイブ
Romanized Name: Shī Pī Faibu
English Name: CP5
First Appearance: Chapter 355; Episode 249
Leader: Spandam (former)
Purpose: World Government Intelligence Agency

CP5, more formerly known as Cipher Pol Number 5 (サイファーポールナンバーファイブ Saifā Pōru Nanbā Faibu?) is an Intelligence Agency, working under the World Government, being one of the Cipher Pols. It was led by future chief of CP9, Spandam around 1514.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

They also do not seem to possess any specialized skills or fighters and when arresting people the grunt agents (which is what this unit is mostly, if not entirely, composed of) simply rely on political force and simple firearms.


There seems to be at least ten members of CP5 when Spandam led them, with four that went with their leader to question Tom and the five for which he sent to use Franky's ships and attack the Judicial Ship. Though successful in framing Tom, they failed their mission in acquiring the blueprints for Pluton, as Tom had passed them onto his disciple Iceburg in secrecy.[1]


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