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Buster Call
Buster Call Infobox
Japanese Name: バスターコール
Romanized Name: Basutā Kōru
English Name: Buster Call
First Appearance: Chapter 421; Episode 302
For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 420.

The Buster Call is the ultimate form of military attack used by the Marines. It is a result of the Marine doctrine of Absolute Justice.

Targets of the Buster CallEdit

Buster Call Fleet

Buster Call fleet.

The "Buster Call" is the strongest military action possible, performed only under special circumstances. The target of a Buster Call is usually to destroy anything from a criminal or group of criminals to an entire island that has proven to be extremely dangerous to the World Government. The reasons for the known uses of the Buster Call are:

  • 20 years before the invasion of Enies Lobby, Ohara was attacked because its scholars were able to read the Poneglyphs and decipher information about the Void Century.
  • Near the end of the Enies Lobby Arc, Enies Lobby was attacked in order to prevent Nico Robin, the only survivor of the previous Buster Call, from escaping. This Buster Call was originally started by mistake by CP9 leader Spandam.

People who may initiate a Buster CallEdit

Since the Buster Call is an order of such destructive powers, only the highest ranking leading authorities of the Marines, which is to say those of the rank of Admiral or higher, have the power to initiate the Buster Call.

Likewise, outside of the Marines, the only World Government members who are allowed to call for the Buster Call are the highest ranking authorities, which is to say the Gorosei and Commander-in-Chief.

The only way for someone of a lower rank to initiate a Buster Call is if they are legally granted permission and a Golden Den Den Mushi by one who has the authority. There are two known instances of this: when Admiral Sengoku gave permission to Spandine,[1] and when Admiral Aokiji gave permission to Spandam.[2]

Initiating a Buster CallEdit

Golden Den Den Mushi

Golden Den Den Mushi

The procedure of calling the attack is said to be in the hands of the above. A Buster Call is sent, when one of the above uses a Golden Den Den Mushi by pressing its button.

This action immediately sends a signal, received by the Silver Den Den Mushi in the Marine Headquarters, where the island to be destroyed is acknowledged. Spandam himself said that using it without this delegation is illegal.


Buster Call Admirals

The five vice admirals who led the Buster Call on Enies Lobby. From left to right: Vice Admiral Strawberry, Vice Admiral Yamakaji, Vice Admiral Doberman, Vice Admiral Onigumo and Vice Admiral Momonga.

You can't see people on a map. They're simply uncaring in erasing an island off of that map. That's the Buster Call.
— Nico Robin

After the signal is received, five vice admirals and a fleet of ten ships nearest to the location of the caller are scrambled to that island.

It seems that a Buster Call cannot be rescinded and once the targets of the Buster Call are announced all other details become unimportant.[3]

Robin described it as a "nightmare version of concentrated arson". The ships used are large and have apparently grown over time. The ones used 20 years ago were roughly twice as tall as a giant. The ones apparently used currently are as tall as the Tower of Justice and are as long as the Bridge of Hesitation. They can now tower a Giant, and are capable of carrying a seemingly immeasurable number of Marines.

Death to All in the WayEdit

Buster Call Arrives

The initiation of the Buster Call.

The attack is derived from the Marine's doctrine of Absolute Justice, according to which a person is a criminal who must be punished when he opposes the World Government or could one day become a threat. The attack eliminates all who could one day be dangerous, "for the betterment of the world", without taking human lives or innocence into consideration.

Once the fleet arrives, they fire an initial salvo to effectively dial in their coordinates, locking in their ordinance to triangulate their fire upon the target.[4] Then the Vice Admirals, as well as the entire fleet, lay waste to the island, annihilating everything in sight with impunity, regardless of who is still on the island. For example, during the Ohara incident, the refugee boat containing all of the island's normal civilians was destroyed without prejudice, along with everyone inside, in case a historian had slipped on board. The Buster Call fleet even kills government officials if they are still left stranded on the island. Even Admiral Aokiji was shocked by the ruthlessness of the attackers.

Buster call atacking

A Buster Call ship attacks another Buster Call ship; one soldier was executed for arguing.

If there is even one important criminal on one of the Buster Call ships, other Buster Call ships will not hesitate to attack it simply to kill the criminal, even if it means the death of every Marine soldier on board.[5]

So far only two islands have been known to have faced a Buster Call: Ohara and Enies Lobby, with Nico Robin and Aokiji present at both.[6] Both islands were utterly destroyed from the firepower. However, even though summoning the attack only twice is atrocious enough as is, knowing the brutality of the World Government and the lengths they are willing to go to, it is entirely plausible that it has been enacted on separate occasions unseen by the viewer.

The Straw Hat Pirates is the only crew known to directly survive and escape the Buster Call. The Buster Call doesn't take failure lightly. The Marines wanted to pursue the Straw Hat Pirates after they escaped, but Admiral Aokiji ordered them to stand down and called it an utter failure.

The general public is kept in the dark about a Buster Call, using propaganda to demonize the destroyed target and make its annihilation a great, and extremely praiseworthy feat of the World Government. For example, Iceburg was shown to have been fooled by the official information that the "Devils of Ohara" were working in order to destroy the world; only after a discussion with Robin was he able to realize the truth of the incident.

Buster Call statisticsEdit

Ohara Enies Lobby
Reason Reading the Poneglyph and deciphering the information about the Void Century. Original: A mistake on Spandam's account, by accidentally pressing the Golden Den Den Mushi instead of a common one.
Later: Retrieval of Nico Robin and destruction of the invading Straw Hat force.[7]
Success Partially succeeded (Nico Robin survives). Failed (Nico Robin escaped with the Straw Hats).
Location of Fleet At Ohara's coast; the Buster Call was already pre-planned and the "inspection" by Spandine was to only find an official excuse for its triggering. Enies Lobby
Time for arrival None, already present. Thirty minutes.
Requester Admiral Sengoku (former Fleet Admiral Sengoku), through Spandine. Admiral Aokiji, through Spandam.
In charge Admiral Sengoku was the one who told each Vice Admiral about the mission and prepared the warships. It is unknown if he was at the headquarters where the Buster Call was received, however. Vice Admiral John Giant received the report on the Silver Den Den Mushi. He was in charge of summoning the five vice admirals and preparing the ten warships. In addition, Vice Admiral Onigumo apparently had enough authority to order nine battleships to fire on Ship Four, where Rob Lucci and Luffy were fighting.
Leading Vice Admirals
  • 3 unknown and unseen vice admirals
  • Vice Admiral Sakazuki (current fleet admiral); ordered the obliteration of an evacuation ship full of civilians and soldiers, just to get rid of the possibility that even a single scholar had managed to sneak on board.
  • Vice Admiral Kuzan (former Admiral Aokiji); killed Saul by freezing him, yet let Nico Robin escape. He was visibly outraged by Sakazuki's decision to blow up a civilian ship for "absolute justice".
  • Former Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saul was meant to be one of the five vice admirals to led the attack, but he chose to defect, leading to a replacement.
5 unintroduced Vice Admirals; their names are revealed in One Piece Yellow databook as:
Soldiers present Unknown At least 10,000 (one Buster Call ship has been reported to house 1,000 soldiers, plus those "recruited" from Enies Lobby).
Government Personnel present CP9 director Spandine, Laskey, and an unknown CP9 agent, and an unknown number of Cipher Pol grunts. CP9's full complement (excluding Nero) and the government soldiers and workers of Enies Lobby.
Civilian casualties 99% of the entire population of the island (at least 80-100 people) except Nico Robin, were killed by the World Government. 0 (presumably no civilians present, except the Straw Hats and their allies).
Soldier casualties Any soldiers still left on the island (unknown, includes Jaguar D. Saul) in addition to soldiers from two battleships and the evacuation ship. 1,201+ (an unknown number possibly killed on the main island, up to 1,000 killed during a bombardment on a fellow buster call ship, one shot for arguing by the vice admiral who ordered this, and up to two hundred officers defeated by the Straw Hats on the Bridge of Hesitation).
Military equipment lost 5 ships destroyed by former Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saul and one destroyed by Vice Admiral Sakazuki, although Nico Robin was blamed. At least 3 ships (one destroyed by the order of Vice Admiral Onigumo,[5] two crushed when the Gates of Justice were closed by Sanji; more may have been un-salvageable after being damaged by the freak currents and/or hit by friendly fire).


  • Both times a Buster Call has been initiated in the One Piece storyline, Robin and CP9 were somehow involved. Both Buster Calls were also activated by the head of the CP9 of the respective times.
  • In one SBS, a Buster Call was jokingly directed at Eiichiro Oda himself.


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