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Buhichuck was the boss of the "surprise zombies" in the dining room.


Buhichuck's Back

Buhichuck's backside.

At first glance, he looks like an ordinary pig's head mounted on the wall. However, he can come to life. In fact, he actually has a whole body, with his head and front legs stuck in a frame which makes it look like he does not from the front.[2]


He is always seen smiling. He is loyal to Moriah, as shown when he played a trick on the Straw Hat Pirates, by guiding them in the room that was full of General Zombies.

Buhichuck's unique laughter comes from the first part of his name, being a sequence of "Buhi"s.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He can wield a pair of swords mounted below him as throwing weapons. He does this by using his concealed hands.


According to him, there are surprise zombies hidden in every room of doctor Hogback's mansion.[3] After defeating the Surprise Zombies of the living room, Luffy, Franky, Robin, and Zoro forced Buhichuck to show them around the castle.[4] They did not know that members of their crew were being picked off one by one for the zombie army.[5] However, instead of helping them, the pig mount merely lead the team to a room that was controlled by an armored platoon of General Zombies and then ran away.[6]

In the end his shadow was stolen by Gekko Moriah's "Shadow Asgard" technique.[7]


  • An alternate translation of Buhichuck's name is "Oinkchuck", as "Buhi" is the Japanese equivalent of "oink".


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