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Mini Arcs
Buggy's Crew- After the Battle!
Buggy's Crew: After the Battle!
Japanese Title: バギー一味冒険記
Romanized Title: Bagī Ichimi Bōken-ki
Viz Title: Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles
Volumes: 4-9, 6 volumes
Manga Chapters: 35-75, 28 installments + 2 bonus installments
Anime Episodes: 46-47, 2 episodes
Year(s) Released: 1998-1999 (Manga),
2000 (Anime)
Mini Arc Chronology
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N/A Diary of Coby-Meppo
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Arlong Park Arc Loguetown Arc

Buggy's Crew: After the Battle! is the first mini-series created as a side story on the title pages of each One Piece chapter.

Short SummaryEdit

Buggy, after being defeated by Luffy and Nami, begins his quest to regain his body parts and his crew, and then get back at Luffy. His journey takes place through a series of adventures. This was one of three mini-series that were animated into the anime.

The story can be set between the events of Orange Town Arc and the events of Loguetown Arc.

Long SummaryEdit

Buggy, with only his head, arms, and feet remaining on his body after his defeat at Orange Town, is paddling desperately on a small raft which is being chased by fighting fish. Mohji and Cabaji, meanwhile, flee from Orange Town.

Buggy reaches an island and hunts down a bird for eating. However, a giant bird comes to the small one's protection and scares Buggy away. Buggy attempts to trap the bird using a pit, but the trap does not work and the bird prepares to eat Buggy. However, Buggy is spit out because of his bad taste. Buggy is sent flying and lands on another island populated by strange animals. The island is revealed to be the Island of Rare Animals, and Gaimon pursues Buggy. However, the two eventually make peace, because Gaimon thinks of Buggy as another strange animal.

Buggy later departs from Gaimon's island, and he is attacked by a crab. However, a mysterious woman comes, defeats the crab, and rescues Buggy. The woman tells Buggy of her quest to find Monkey D. Luffy, who Buggy immediately recognizes. Buggy and the woman then form an alliance, as they have a common goal to kill Luffy.

The Buggy Pirates, thinking Buggy is dead, hold a funeral for him with the body parts he lost. To decide the next captain, Mohji and Cabaji duel, but the fight lasts 12 hours with no clear winner. However, Richie, having had a dream about himself becoming captain, defeats Mohji and Cabaji while sleepwalking. Richie then becomes the new captain of the Buggy Pirates, now called the "Richie Pirates".

Meanwhile, Buggy finds his ship and is overjoyed. However, he is not overjoyed when he boards the island his ship is docked at, only to see Mohji and Cabaji knocked out. As for Richie and the other Buggy pirates, they were captured by a tribe of cannibals, who put them in a cauldron for eating. The cannibals then turn toward Buggy's body parts, wondering what they are. Suddenly, Buggy's body parts lash out, beating up the cannibals. The rescued Buggy Pirates then see their captain on a cliff, with all his body parts newly attached. Buggy, accompanied by the woman, Mohji, and Cabaji, finish off the cannibals, and the Buggy Pirates later celebrate their captain's return.


  1. Whatever Happened to the Buggy Gang? (Chapter 35)
  2. Mohji and Cabaji (Chapter 36)
  3. Buggy's Adventure (Chapter 37)
  4. Buggy and the Big Bird (Chapter 39)
  5. Battle of Wits (Chapter 40)
  6. Journey in the Sky, Part 2 (Chapter 42)
  7. Crash Landing at the Island of Odd Beasts (Chapter 43)
  8. Battle at the Forest of Judgement (Chapter 46)
  9. You're a Freak, Too (Chapter 47)
  10. Parting with a Formidable Enemy (Chapter 48)
  11. The Powerful Crab (Chapter 50)
  12. Introducing the Mysterious Pirate Woman (Chapter 51)
  13. Wanted Man (Chapter 53)
  14. Pirate Alliance (Chapter 54)
  15. Oh Captain, We Hold You in Our Hearts (Chapter 55)
  16. Battle to Decide the Next Captain (Chapter 57)
  17. Twelve Hour Battle (Chapter 58)
  18. Explosion!! Sleepwalking Richie (Chapter 59)
  19. Formation!! The Richie Pirate Crew (Chapter 60)
  20. The Island's Indigenous Kumate Tribe (Chapter 62)
  21. The Pulverization of the Richie Crew (Chapter 63)
  22. I See It!! My Pirate Ship!!! (Chapter 65)
  23. Reunion - Sonna Banana (Chapter 66)
  24. Richie Au Vin (The Richie Crew's Red Wine Stew) (Chapter 67)
  25. Suspicious Parts (Chapter 68)
  26. Violent Parts!! (Chapter 71)
  27. The Silhouette Shining Against the Sky (Chapter 72)
  28. Sorry for Making You Wait, Boys!!! (Chapter 73)
  29. Parade!! (Chapter 74)
  30. Oh Captain! Our Captain!! (Chapter 75)


Chapter 35
Whatever Happened to the Buggy Gang?
Chapter 36
Mohji and Cabaji
Chapter 37
Buggy's Adventure
Chapter 39
Buggy and the Big Bird
Chapter 40
Battle of Wits
Chapter 42
Journey in the Sky, Part 2
Chapter 43
Crash Landing at the Island of Odd Beasts
Chapter 46
Battle at the Forest of Judgement
Chapter 47
You're a Freak, Too
Chapter 48
Parting with a Formidable Enemy
Chapter 50
The Powerful Crab
Chapter 51
Introducing the Mysterious Pirate Woman
Chapter 53
Wanted Man
Chapter 54
Pirate Alliance
Chapter 55
Oh Captain, We Hold You in Our Hearts
Chapter 57
Battle to Decide the Next Captain
Chapter 58
Twelve Hour Battle
Chapter 59
Explosion!! Sleepwalking Richie
Chapter 60
Formation!! The Richie Pirate Crew
Chapter 65
I See It!! My Pirate Ship!!!
Chapter 66
Reunion - Sonna Banana
Chapter 67
Richie Au Vin (The Richie Crew's Wine Stew)
Chapter 68
Suspicious Parts
Chapter 71
Violent Parts!!
Chapter 72
The Silhouette Shining Against the Sky
Chapter 73
Sorry for Making You Wait, Boys!!!
Chapter 74
Chapter 75
Oh Captain!! Our Captain!!

Bonus ChaptersEdit

  1. The Richie Crew's Adventure: The Island's Indigenous Kumate Tribe (Chapter 62)
  2. The Richie Crew's Adventure: Pulverization of the Richie Crew (Chapter 63)


Chapter 62
The Richie Crew's Adventure: The Island's Indigenous Kumate Tribe
Chapter 63
The Richie Crew's Adventure: Pulverization of the Richie Crew


The Buggy and Alvida Alliance reaches Logue Town with the target of eliminate Luffy.

4kids English Dub EditsEdit

  • For unknown reason, this mini-arc was left out of the 4kids dub.


  • This is the first of three cover stories to be animated.

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Buggy's Crew: After the Battle!
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Anime Episodes
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