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Buggy Balls
Buggy Balls Infobox
Japanese Name: 特製バギー玉
Romanized Name: Tokusei Bagī Dama
English Name: Buggy Balls
Literal Meaning: Special Buggy Balls
First Appearance: Chapter 10; Episode 5
Owner(s): Buggy
Type: Highly explosive cannonballs

The Buggy Balls are powerful weapons used by Buggy.


Buggy BallsEdit

These red bombs, engraved with Buggy's Jolly Roger, can create devastating explosions when fired from a cannon. Buggy claimed that these cannonballs, combined with his Devil Fruit powers, the Bara Bara no Mi, he and his crew can conquer the Grand Line. These balls were first used against Orange Town, two of them were enough to leave the town half-damaged.[1] Buggy attempted a third shot directly at Monkey D. Luffy for insulting his big red nose, but Luffy deflected it with his Gomu Gomu no Fusen technique, destroying the pub it was fired from.[2]

Muggy BallsEdit

Later in Impel Down, Buggy has shown a modified version of the Buggy Ball, renamed the Special Muggy Ball (特製マギー玉 Tokusei Magī Dama?), which he compacted it into a size small enough to be concealed inside a person's body. Its appearance is a bullet-sized red sphere.

Despite its small size the Muggy Ball retains the full destructive powers of the Buggy Ball (in essence, similar to a hand grenade). This was first used against the Minotaurus, where Buggy kicked the Muggy Ball from the tip of his shoe, and the resulting explosion injured the Jailer Beast severely, but it was still conscious and standing. In the anime, the ball leaves his shoe after a small hole opened up on the bottom of the sole.[3] Buggy also attempted to use a Muggy Ball against Dracule Mihawk, but he managed to deflect the Muggy Ball back towards Buggy using his sword.[4]


Muggy Ball Flying at Minotaurus
The Muggy Ball flies right in front of Minotaurus...
Muggy Balls Explosion
...and then releases a devastatingly powerful explosion.



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