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Buggy's Delivery, also known as the Pirate Dispatch Organization (海賊派遣組織 Kaizoku Haken Soshiki?), is a pirate mercenary group founded by the Shichibukai Buggy.[2]


Buggy's Delivery Celebrates

The mercenaries of Buggy's Delivery celebrating.

Buggy's Delivery is an organization based on the New World island of Karai Bari. It was founded sometime during the timeskip, and specializes in sending pirates and other powerful warriors to assist a country or group in battle if they pay for it. This would be illegal, but since Buggy is a Shichibukai, he is allowed to run it openly without fear of a crackdown.[2]

Its exact organizational structure and hierarchy are unknown, but Buggy has full authority over it. He has different classes of mercenaries, which are organized into the strength of its members. The powerful giant Hajrudin and four other Giants were labeled "S-Class" mercenaries.[2]


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Buggy's Delivery
Buggy Alvida Mohji Richie Cabaji
Galdino Hajrudin 


The organization is led by the combined alliance of the Buggy Pirates and Alvida Pirates, known as the Buggy and Alvida Alliance, with the addition of the former Baroque Works agent, Mr. 3 as a member of said alliance. The alliance itself is lead by captain Buggy, who is a member of the Shichibukai. While the main alliance themselves are not a particularly strong crew, their alliance with several powerful Impel Down prisoners has given them infamy.[2]With their newfound infamy, the alliance was able to expand even further and recruit larger numbers of powerful people into their ranks, effectively evolving from a simple pirate alliance into an elite, mercenary for hire organization with connections to the Underworld, who send out mercenaries all over different countries, if they are hired or payed for it.

While the exact number and demographics of the people hired are unknown, they formerly had five giants from Elbaf in their employment.[2]

When Donquixote Doflamingo's Underworld market was toppled, Buggy's Delivery became the monopoly in pirate dispatching, further increasing their influence. However, the departure of the five giants led to a decrease in manpower, much to Buggy's chagrin.[2]


During the TimeskipEdit

During the timeskip, Buggy used his Shichibukai status and his newly gained infamy to create Buggy's Delivery. Some time later, Hajrudin and four other giants joined the organization as mercenaries.[2]

Zou ArcEdit

Buggy's Delivery celebrated the fall of Doflamingo's Underworld business, which gave them the monopoly in the war market. Buggy ordered his men to go and pillage after they feasted. Suddenly, Mohji told his captain that Hajrudin and the other four giants in their employ had quit to reform the Giant Warrior Pirates and follow the Straw Hat Pirates.[2]


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