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Bubbly Coral are strange, mysterious devices that look like coral, but have the ability to produce bubbles that have similar strength to the bubbles that Yarukiman Mangrove produce.


Bubbly Coral in Use

Bubbly Corals being used.

Not much is known about the use or effect of the Bubbly Coral. It is shown that pressing the tip of the coral will produce a bubble at the other end of the coral. The coral is used by merfolk and fishmen to stand on. It is shown to be very useful to the merfolk in particular, giving them ability to "stand" or navigate outside of water.[1] It can also be used by creatures who cannot breathe or travel underwater, to produce an air bubble to allow them do so.[2]

Also, by attaching the Coral to a pre-existing air bubble and pressing the tip, it is capable of increasing the bubbles buoyancy, thus allowing the users to float even higher upwards, and, with proper propulsion, allow even greater freedom in the air.[3]


Nami With Bubbly Coral

Nami with a very big Bubbly Coral.

  • Bubbly Coral is similar to the Milky Dials in its effect, with one storing and releasing solid clouds and the other producing really strong bubbles.
  • They are in different sizes, as the hand-held ones are used while Nami was seen using a giant one to drain the water out of Ryugu Palace in the anime.[4]


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  2. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 65 Chapter 637 and Episode 558, Jinbe gives Luffy a Bubbly Coral to breathe underwater.
  3. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 64 Chapter 635 and Episode 555, mermen of New Fishman Pirates increase buoyancy of bubbles so as to attack from above.
  4. One Piece AnimeEpisode 533, Nami uses a giant Bubbly Coral to drain water out of Ryugu Palace.

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