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Brag Men
English Name: Brag Men
First Appearance: Chapter 116; Episode 70

Most places in the Grand Line are reported in a single book containing many stories and tales from the Grand Line. However, due to the number of bizarre tales, unusual reports, and oddities by explorers and other eye witness accounts, the book was given the humiliating title of Brag Men. The book is labeled as "fiction romance".

This book was one of the books kept at Ohara that was saved from the fire caused by the Buster Call. According to Oda, it is only because of the efforts of Olvia, Clover and the other scholars that the book survived to be mass produced at a later date.[1]

Ohara's Books
Brag Men can be seen among the books saved from the Buster Call at Ohara.
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Nami has a copy of this book[2] and the Straw Hats' adventures are said to be a looking glass into these so-called "lies".

Mentioned amongst the tales is a story of Little Garden, as reported by the pioneer Louis Arnote.[2]


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