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  • Fliu

    A Song For Charlotte Linlin

    December 15, 2017 by Fliu

    Here’s something I’ve come up with for the month of December. It’s a parody song for none other than the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin, whom I believe is the ugliest woman of the One Piece world. It’s a parody of “You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”. And in this song, the Grinch is Linlin.

    You're a mean one, Big Mom

    You’re as wide as a blimp

    You're more spoiled than a rotten apple

    You're as charming as a witch, Big Mom!

    You're a bad lemon

    With a very sour stench!

    You're a monster, Big Mom

    Your heart's as dark as black

    Your brain is full of needles

    You've got salt in your soul, Big Mom!

    I wouldn't touch you with

    Perospero’s Candy Cane!

    You're a vile one, Big Mom

    You have acid in your smile

    You have all the tender sweetness

    of a rain soaked mushy bento, Big Mom!


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  • Monkey D Dragon 0304

    Yes, we all have been waiting for this since the introduction of the character Katakuri,when our hero Luffy fights and defeats A Billion Berry Bounty Holder.

    I don't need to mention his abilities,powers, df powers, haki's since we all know what kind of beast he is.In few previous chapters we see Sanji saying that it will be the first defeat of Katakuri(i.e. Luffy will defeat Katakuri). It's nice, a nakama believes in his captain to such level.But Will Luffy Actually Defeat Katakuri? 

    I say NO coz of these reasons:

    (i) Going back to all the previous arcs,almost all the opponents defeated by Luffy are cruel,underestimating Luffy and always some emotions attached with people suffering from them. But, here the opponent is of different nature and …

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    Hi, my friends! Since I think we’re almost finished for this year and we can’t have too much chapters in 2017 (yet 2 max). I’m writing this blog with a single purpose, I want to start a discussion about what we are hoping that will happen next year.


    For example: I don’t think we’ll get a complete Reverie Arc and TBH I don’t want that. But I’m hoping that we’ll having a little insight what’s happening there.


    I’m also hoping that we’re getting to know some of the other Charlotte children’s bounty. I’m hoping for Amande, Galette and Mont-d’Or’s bounty. As for the battles, I can’t say what match-ups would be great. I’m hoping for a Brook vs. Amande but I don’t know what other match-ups will happen or that if my hoped match-up will happen.


    I’m …

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  • Rhavkin

    With the pace of Luffy vs. Katakuri I see now way the arc has been extended to 2018.

    I really hope Skinny Mom isn't going to be a foreshadow and just some joke about how one missed meal make food addicts believe they are starving.

    Carrot's (and I guess minks') moon power is amazing. Call it Were-Mink, Super Mink, Furry Madness, Oda and Hefner's co-op... Either way, this chapter Carrot ruled, and it's just the beginning. However, if the strongest minks (Inuarashi and Nekomamushi) thought that this power up would put them at a Yonko right hand man level, I doubt Carrot, as strong as she is, is at a level of someone who was mentioned as a monster on par with a Sweet Commander. If it is, than Ceylon Inuarashi and Ceylon Nekomamushi before losing…

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  • Ghmorello

    Chapter Song:

    Well, we're about to enter a break and we enter it on a high note especially when this chapter could be a last second contender for Chapter of the Year (doubt it will win).

    First off, we have another rematch between Luffy and Katakuri and I like how Luffy disregarded Katakuri's options of dying or joining his crew.  Let's see if Luffy can get the job done this time. 

    Back at the seas where the BM Fleet is firing a bunch of Bullet Bills at the Thousand Sunny and have the SHs surrounded.  However, due to the entire chase, Big Mom has lost a bunch of weight and whether or not this is a good or bad thing for BM is yet to be seen, so we'll have to debate on giving her the cake. 

    Finally, ent…

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  • SeaTerror

    Complaining about drinking tea when he could just hold the cup in his other hand without it melting.

    Also somebody came up with a dumb theory after the new chapter that Pound is a D. How does that even make any sense? I guess people just want anybody to be a D. now.

    Will Luffy ever learn how to use Park and Reverse gear?

    I don't think Luffy will match Katakuri's Haki. I think he will just find ways to combine that type with Conquerors. Eventually he'll need to awaken just to compete so that will happen in a future arc and not now. A lot of people seem to think Shanks will show up but that's just ridiculously random and doesn't make any sense. The only people who have a chance to show up at all would be anybody in the Grand Fleet but I doubt …

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  • Ghmorello

    Chapter 887: Hot Pounding

    December 1, 2017 by Ghmorello

    Feels good to get the chapter a few hours earlier.  Although this was a set up chapter, it was a very emotional one and really shined the spotlight on Pound and Chiffon. 

    We start off with Bege continuing being a badass against Oven and shows off his land driving boat - it was funny to see Oven take the boat head on.  Pound tries to show Chiffon some affection, but it fails since Chiffon had no memory of her father since birth, but for some reason, Pez was able to understand his grandfather.  Sanji shows off some strength and skills by literally kicking the cake onto Bege's ship with one leg. 

    We then go to the escape where Oven literally turns the ocean into a melting pot of frie...death - if BM doesn't want those boiled fish, I'll take the…

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  • Rhavkin

    I'm writing a chapter review!!

    So Chapter 886, What did we get?

    1. Oven was an obvious obstacle from the moment he arrived at Cacao Island but being cunning and using Chiffon was finally the type of character depth we (or at least I) was waiting for for him. I guess being pointed out as a monster get a new perspective now.
    2. Sanji's speed. Wow. Yes, being fast enough so no one could see you is not something new in One Piece but still, Sanji has really made the best with escaping from Okamas for two years straight.
    3. Pound being an aggressive dad in a good way.
    4. Puuding's reaction after Sanji saved Chiffon.
    5. Puuding's reaction after Sanji saved Chiffon.
    6. Puuding's reaction after Sanji saved Chiffon. Can't seem to stop mentioning it.
    7. Puuding's reaction after
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  • Fliu

    I was going to wait for the arc to finish, but apparently, it's not ending anytime soon and I may not have time to post this later.

    Let’s start with the good points. I have to admit I did rack my brain around wondering how this arc was going to go. It’s enjoyable watching Luffy do what he does best: infuriating the worst of the worst by causing chaos and misfortune to them, though he did indirectly cause the death of some poor chefs and got an island demolished. This sure has been one rough ride for the Straw Hats and they have been driven into a corner a lot. I commend Nami, Chopper, and Brook for pulling their own weight without acting like a complete coward like Usopp did at the Dressrosa underground trade port. It’s unfortunate that the…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    With this chapter focusing on Nuts Island and cream, I'm sure you can imagine all the sex jokes that might be flying through my head right now. But this is No Nut November, so I will stay chaste, wait till marriage, all that Christian stuff. Big Mom seems to be a pretty big adherent to it as well, considering that she's trying to destroy Nuts Island. Yeah, she's acting a bit nuts herself, between the sex jokes and the bad puns I feel like a 12 year old again.

    It looks like it'll take more than just breaking Katakuri's cool to defeat him, but to just stay alive Luffy has to activate Gear Fourth. I figured that he was saving it earlier in the fight because he'd be powerless once it ran out, but it seems that Luffy can voluntarily deactivate G…

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    Big Mom's Fall

    November 8, 2017 by Sithlord Andeddu

    Before I’ll start explaining my theory, I want to tell its not like I’m actually believe in this, but the recent turning of events lead me to this.

    I don’t know who, when and how will go down from the BMP but we all know that somehow Luffy will win against Katakuri. (Alright at least I think that will happen.) Right now I don’t see that Big Mom going down either in battle or another method. But after the events unfolding in Totto Land there will be a major power gap in Big Mom’s crew.

    Out of the 3 Sweet Generals, Cracker is already out of commission. Smoothie is not so active and effective like we all hoped. And Katakuri will be out of commission soon. Furthermore the BMP have a great deal of damage. We don’t know what’s with Bobbin and Oper…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Well, that was definitely an unexpected chapter. Overall nothing revolutionary, with the exception of a very important revolution about Katakuri's power.

    Katakuri's weakness in terms of his Haki wasn't too surprising, but what was surprising was how his Haki works with his Devil Fruit power. I was starting to wonder if Oda would just gloss over him acting like a Logia those few times, but no, he had a plan for that! At least, somewhat. How does his body transformation work exactly? Can Luffy achieve a similar result by making a part of his body pure rubber? I'm interested to see what Oda does with this combination in the future. Also, Luffy gets thrashed around in Gear Fourth! Looking forward to what he does next.

    I wasn't expecting to see e…

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  • GrilloSama

    Commander Thatch

    November 1, 2017 by GrilloSama


    The 4th Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. 

    How strong is he? 

    Even though it was stated that the Whitebeard commanders aren't ranked by power, it's OBVIOUS that Marco, Ace, Jozu and Vista are the strongest fighters in the crew and theyre also the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th commanders respectively. So, going off the fact that he's placed in between these commanders, is it fair to say that Thatch is a Top tier fighter? 

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  • Ghmorello

    Finally, a chapter dedicated to Luffy vs. Katakuri, and boy, it was a humorous, yet crucial one as it exposed who Katakuri really is.

    We start off with Katakuri stopping Luffy from using Gear Fourth and burying him underneath a mountain of mochi.  With the fight seemingly over, the time for Katakuri's Guilt Snack Time is upon us and it was amusing that Katakuri made his own cottage out of mochi while trying to hide the truth.  Luffy, on the other hand, is uses the eat and run strategy that worked with the battle with Cracker in order to survive. 

    It should be no surprise that Katakuri had sharp teeth and a dog-like mouth considering that Mangastream called him Dogtooth and his arm tattoo emblem had sharp teeth at the end.  What is surprising…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    A chapter is finally out! What year is it??

    Brulee idolizing Katakuri is super hilarious, we've seen some nastier ends of the sibling dynamic so it's cool to see ridiculous stuff like this on the other end of the spectrum. Katakuri responded to it nicely telling Brulee to shut up and going on to espouse the ideal of Doflamingo and Law - if you're weak, you don't get to decide your fate. It's a nice little theme among power wielders in the New World.

    And to no one's surprise, Katakuri is awakened, but it seems just like Doflamingo's awakening where he can turn his surroundings into mochi. Well that doesn't help lol, we still have no answer to why he's all intangible. In due time...maybe... :^)

    Tamago/Niwatori is one wise chicken. The Big Mom P…

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  • Rhavkin


    October 10, 2017 by Rhavkin

    Twelve weeks to 2018 and if I remember correctly (damn you Pudding!) we were promised Reverie Arc and Wano Arc in 2017.

    Twelve weeks to 2018, shortest arcs are five chapters long (Loguetown, Reverse Mountain, and Return to Sabaody), at least one to call it "the beginning of Wano Arc", and a break this week. Simple math tells us there are five more chapters to WCI, so during this "no chapter week", what do you think each of those five chapters will entail?

    Here's my thought:

    1. Luffy fight against Katakuri (hopefully new gear 4 form\gear 5), exhausted Luffy surrounded by BMP, grubs Brûlée and jump through a mirror and brakes it on the way, Perospero tells Big Mom the cake was washed ashore Cacao Island, the cake is finished and the cooks try to find a w…
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  • HawkMan123

    These days I read a lot about 3 three ancient weapons that are used by ancient kingdom. We know that the POSEIDON Shirahose ii speculated that the Uranus momonoske. As we know for Pluto we first heard in Alabasti when it is requested Crocodail pluton is mentioned in the water seven when Frankie burned the blueprints for making Pluto. This theory will be based on the theme of Pluto as a board but the same case as POSEIDON and URANUS (one is safe and possible for the second). Is it possible that the ECHI Oda from the start reserved a place for Pluton and that we were not aware of that. To go to the very essence of what I mean! What if Plutom IS Luffy (to be more precise on and its effect on the world this can be even refer to the very crew of S…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Hmm, I don't have too much to say about this chapter, but goddamn Jinbe. Way to fill your new role in the crew. This probably has to be the most magnificent thing a new crew member has done to display their talent in a role. Welcome to the crew, Jinbe.

    Otherwise, I thought this was kind of a meh chapter. Luffy had to wrap up some loose ends with the crew after he went into Mirro-World and that was pretty much the end of it. I was surprised by the crew saying it would take them 10 hours to get to Whole Cake Island - I mean, it makes sense given how long it took them before, but it throws a wrench into Sanji's whole plot. Can't wait to see what trials and obstacles lie in store. And of course, it's time for Luffy vs. Katakuri to get serious -…

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  • Yesxirb22

    So in the latest chapter. Jimbei is an amazing helmsman.

    What if Carrot joins the Strawhat also? What do you think her role will be?

    Comment your opinions down below nakamas

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  • Lasaro Ginjou

    Hello everyone.

    Since the end of Punk Hazard this thought keeps crossing my mind every time chopper is shown: "Is he falling behind?" During Fishman Island the reveal of his power up was interesting and exciting and during Punk Hazard he saw more of his growth as doctor. But after that he seems to have reached a stalemate while the rest of the crew are still showing new stuff:

    • Luffy showed his Gear Fourth and expected to show more forms.
    • Zoro his Busoushoku Kouka.
    • Nami has shown to skillfully use the weather itself for attacks.
    • Usopp showed amazing marksmanship and all kinds of new pop green. Even developed Kenbunshoku Haki.
    • Sanji is still showing his growth as a fighter and cook.
    • Robin her reflexes (stopping Hakuba).
    • Franky has his ever expending…
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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Tired as all hell right now so this will be pretty brief.

    Good to finally see the cooking crew get started on making the cake. Hopefully we get to see some dynamic cooking going on; it's great to see Sanji in his element performing at 110%. I wonder what his secret ingredient is...

    The fact that the cake is going to take three hours to build sheds quite a bit of light on just how bad of a situation the Straw Hats are currently in. Luffy can't use Gear Fourth unless he develops a game plan that guarantees Katakuri's defeat, and the others...well, it isn't so much about surviving for 3 hours as it is surviving right now! They do have a few options regarding this huge ass fucking wave:

    • Brook! Guy has had dominant performances against homies and …
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  • GrilloSama

    Jinbe For 1st Mate

    September 25, 2017 by GrilloSama

    OK, I already know wht you're thinking. "There's no way Jinbe would become 1st Mate or Vice Captain!!! THAT'S ZORO'S POSITION!!!!!!!"

    Yea yea yea, but hear me out. (Before I begin, I want to say that I love Zoro. He's definately one of my favorite characters, but I'm putting my faandom aside and thinking about this logically.)

    Firstly, Zoro was never officially given that role. His official role on the crew is "Swordsman". Which means the position is open. Zoro has been compared to a 1st mate and has been mistaken as a 1st mate, but he was never given the position officially. But ask yourself, Who fits the role better? The job of the 1st Mate is to lead the crew in the captains absence. To take command if need be and also advise the Captain …

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    First off, let me say that I hope releasing on Friday doesn't become a regular thing. I liked the release days being Wednesday/Thursday because they're otherwise hohum days, but Friday is...well, Friday.

    Uholisia/however you spell her name giving Sai an epic beatdown was HILARIOUS. Betting Sai will have to face Chichilisia in a fight to the death or something now.

    The speech Jinbe gave about Pedro's sacrifice was exceptional and very much needed. He already fits in perfectly with the crew. And honestly...each week I'm saving up more money to buy a ticket for the death train. I really don't see what good Pedro surviving would accomplish - remember how both Pell AND Igaram suddenly came back to life at the end of Alabasta? Yeah, that was stupi…

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  • Cdavymatias

    Antagonist Profiles

    September 18, 2017 by Cdavymatias

    Profiles of the One Piece universe main and recurring antagonists.

    The first antagonist in the Romance Dawn Arc and the series. The leader of a group of bandits who mocked Shanks. After Luffy tried to defend his friend, Higuma kidnapped him and took him to the sea, where he was finally devoured by a sea monster.
    Alvida   💀  
    One of the main antagonists in the Romance Dawn Arc, and one of the major antagonists in the Loguetown Arc. The captain of the Alvida Pirates, who had Coby under his orders, until she was defeated by Luffy. Later, she ate the Sube Sube no Mi and formed an alliance with Buggy to take revenge on Luffy, and they set out for Grand Line after him. Currently she is a member of Buggy's Delivery. Currently has a bounty of 5,00…

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    First, I think all of you guessed in this blog I’ll be telling a theory of my own about Smoothie will become the leader of the Big Mom Pirates. And of course I’m hoping to discuss my idea with you all.

    To start my idea, I want to summarize what we all know about Sweet Commander Charlotte Smoothie. As a Sweet Commander she’s one of the three highest ranking member of the crew and has the greatest amont of authority among the crew. (After Big Mom, of course.) Smoothie has a bounty of over 900 million and an unknown, probably paramecia type devil fruit. But as some of you already stated that until now she’s underwhelming. To be honest I also expected so much more from Smoothie, but looks like she’s not gonna activate herself.

    Now I think you al…

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  • Fliu

    My Opinion on the Giants

    September 17, 2017 by Fliu

    The fact that a five-year old Linlin was able to devastate an Elbaf village so easily made me question how great the giants are supposed to be.

    Chiffon stated that the army of Elbaf is supposed to be the strongest, but let’s picture a scenario where a Yonko’s crew battles against an army of Elbaf giants. Surely, the giants can deal with the low-rank grunts, which would leave the captain and those high in the crew’s hierarchy (such as the ministers and the Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates or the Three Disasters of the Beasts Pirates) as the legitimate threat. We already saw powerful humans who could take down giants like nothing. Whitebeard took down Ronse and then John Giant. Luffy defeated a Marine giant with just one Gear Third pun…

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  • Sannse

    Seeking Volunteer Curators

    September 13, 2017 by Sannse

    Hey One Piece Wiki community!

    I'm sure you're aware of FANDOM's editorial site, and our coverage of gaming and entertainment news. One of the features of the site is that we curate news from other sites with the intention of providing a full picture of what's happening in the world of gaming and entertainment.

    To that end, we're creating a new volunteer group at FANDOM called "Volunteer Curators". What we're looking for are subject matter experts that have deep knowledge of news and features about their favorite game, movie or TV show. If you spend a bunch of time on the anime subreddit or follow anime news obsessively, we want to talk to you!

    We're looking for people like you to help us round out our anime coverage - everything fr…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Man. Let me just go ahead and say, this was the best chapter I've read in a while, and one of my favorite chapters of the entire arc.

    It was really nice to see Pedro get more flashback; I'd have liked to see much more of him across the arc but I enjoyed how his story has tied in with the story of Zou as a whole. I miss the rest of the minks...also, it was neat to see Carrot emotional, we've usually only seen one emotion from her and her reaction was appropriate.

    Honestly, I wasn't too surprised to see Perospero survive. He is supposed to be pretty strong, after all. Jury's still out on Pedro though. And man, Katakuri's displayed enough badassery for two Sweet Commanders (that moment when Oda doesn't even make the effort to insert Smoothie in…

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  • Ghmorello

    Wow, I must say this chapter was really tense and started off the post-break streak in a very strong way. 

    We start off with a quick flashback-within-a-flashback which reveals some of Pedro's childhood when he witnessed the Minks travelling with the Roger Pirates and it's so nice to see Gol D. Roger himself too.  We also see a young Wanda as well as Pedro's downfall when he had his 50 years taken away from him. 

    Unlike Pell, there is now a good chance that Pedro is dead considering that Perospero survived the explosion albeit he has one arm now.  While the Straw Hats mourn Pedro and readies the Coup-De-Burst, Carrot foolishly attacks Katakuri only for her puffy tail ass to be kicked.  If Carrot were to join the Straw Hats, then she now has a…

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  • Jameselite2c-therealdeal

    As of recent I have been thinking more and more about the theory Kuina is alive.

    Now I know many disagree and say she is outright dead, but this is just a series of ideas and theories that I think would work well, and may possibly happen.

    1. Kuina and Tashigi are one in the same. Now while I do see this being unlikely I went around and had a look at various videos of people like Tekking 101 and The Legend Mac, and while some agree with this theory I couldn't bite their reason that she one just ran away and joined marines, but the biggest problem was that she is considerably weaker than how I could visualise Kuina.

    A thought I had though that could fit this story is that she did fall down the stairs and fell into a coma or brain injury, and af…

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  • Jameselite2c-therealdeal

    Now as many of us are hyped about Wano there is yet another arc coming that has a similar mystery and heir. The Reverie arc is going to be massive in setting a precedence and setting for future events, and I see this being set into motion by the biggest mystery organisation The Revolutionary Army.

    Dragon, and Sabo a former noble are perfect to cause mayhem and panic at the Reverie, now while this is just a theory I do have some reasons to speculate this

    1. We have not seen much of Dragon and his powers, and now would be a great time to see and understand how strong he is in regards to admirals yonkos as such

    2. For his organisation The Revolutionary Army the Reverie would be the perfect time for Dragon get a win over the world government along…

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  • Jameselite2c-therealdeal

    I am a long time One piece fan. Recently I have had some thoughts on Zoro and possible new powers history and swords along with possible battles in wano. I made a YT video but didn't feel I got it across clear enough.

    1. New powers: After the 2 year timeskip we have not seen Zoro use many new moves or techniques, the most noticeable though is his use of bushoku haki and ranged slashes with higher pound ho levels. In saying this though he hasn't been pushed to the limit with either of these so it makes me think he is holding back another form/ moves and I believe they correlate with his demon aura like ashura. His Ashura while powerful opened up to a tonne of new powerful moves possible by him, and p…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    I enjoyed this chapter very much. We had three chapters in a row of running away and setting up the cake plan, so for this chapter to focus pretty much entirely on battle was very enjoyable.

    A lot of it seemed rushed on my first readthrough, but reading it again I began to enjoy the time and attention put into everything currently going after the Straw Hats. We got reminded that Big Mom was there, but didn't have too much focus on her as we got to see more new people. Perospero kicked utter ass as we finally got to see his candyfication in action - honestly, this guy deserves to be a Sweet Commander much more than Smoothie does. He even overpowered Pedro in combat! Katakuri did pretty well to boot, showcasing his pretty weird DF abilities a…

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    Videogame models

    August 28, 2017 by Angel Emfrbl

    So... Ever noticed how very different the models of the characters can be in the games?

    So I have Grand Adventure on the PS2 and Pirate Warriors 3 on Steam. Can't help but notice how very different models in games can be. Typically, I'll take Shanks as an example.

    Now Shanks is a weird character for Oda to draw. In some instances he is handsome and in another frame he can be a little strange looking. Generally most of the video games tend to struggle with matching his face to the artwork for this reason. The proportions of his facial features in the video games (and in some models) tends to be a lot more different then with characters like Whitebeard, Luffy, etc. In one game series his chin can be narrower, in another his forehead wider,…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Thanks to Mangastream and their...interesting word stretching for my chapter blog title.

    Overall? A lot of this chapter was just stuff falling into place for the conclusion I inevitably knew was going to happen because I've been hearing about it all the time for the past few months. So this was a bit boring, but still pretty necessary.

    Pudding. On my first readthrough, I didn't have much of a patience for her antics, but as I read the chapter more in depth while writing the long summary, I began to get a bit of appreciation for her wild behaviors. I'm enjoying how legitimately conflicted she is, rather than just pulling a 180 after Sanji called her eye beautiful. Also, it was cool seeing her memory power again for the second time! Hopefully …

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  • Fliu

    Here is how I image Bartolomeo meeting Shanks.

    Somewhere on an island in the New World, Shanks and his crew are just chilling and drinking sake as they usually do.

    However, a member of the Red Hair Pirates receives word of what is going on in one of their territories and reports to Shanks.

    Red Hair Pirate member: Captain! I have some urgent news to report!

    Shanks: (sighs) what is it now? Can’t you see I want to drink some more?

    Red Hair Pirate member: There’s a pirate crew causing trouble on one of our islands! And get this! They even burned down our flag!

    The other Red Hair Pirates are alarmed at the news.

    Benn Beckman: wow, I’m not sure if they’re bold or just plain stupid.

    Rockstar: The nerve of them! How dare they disrespect Shanks like that! …

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    When I saw the title "A Woman's Honor", I was a bit worried at first that Oda was going to do something a bit sexist...but it actually ended up being pretty great! We haven't seen much of Chiffon throughout the arc, and I'm looking forward to having her directly help the Straw Hats and possibly confront Big Mom.

    This was a bit of a slow, naturally paced chapter as we basically had one continuous event instead of skipping between them. It was cool to see Prometheus get some solo action again, and to have Luffy and Jinbe get the chance to try their hand against sun boy. Then of course, there was Nami manipulating an eggstatic Zeus, which continued to be funny but thankfully got a big conclusion this chapter with a massive lightning bolt. Whil…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Hello denizens of the wiki (and Pau). This is a sequel to this blog, and you might say sequels are never as good as the original, to which I reply

    But alas, times back then were simpler, and the way of image posting life people once knew has ceased to exist. But fear not, I come to tout the solution we still have!

    Why is this necessary? Well, our evil tyrant admins decided one day that only certain types of images can be uploaded on this wiki. Images from One Piece, that have to be used in productive wiki articles (the horror). So you can't upload things just for your user page, or your blog post, you know, the important stuff. However, thanks to the wonders of the internet, there is a way to make images appear just by linking them, as I've …

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Welcome, one and all! After a lengthy preproduction, the OP Wiki Hunger Games are finally upon us! First off, I present to you, our roster! Did Harambe end up making the cut after all?

    May the evens be ever in your favor...


    Now that's more like it!

    I don't know what sais are...

    Ooh, multiple broken noses here. Odacchi is getting down and dirty, that's what I like to see.

    I've turned on the extra high kill count, so hopefully we'll see more deaths come tonight...


    Whoa, why all this excessive force on my partner? Well, at least I got revenge, somewhat. ¡Viva la noche!

    Wait, how do bots sprain their ankle?

    I think we have a death problem here if Dies First Night manages to escape...


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  • OhJay

    Since we have a song series with Japanese prefectures, how about a series with world countries? Here are a few thoughts of mine (aside from the Straw Hats)

    • Charlotte Linlin - Germany (Sweets, Grimm's Fairy Tales)
    • Hannyabal, Chaka & Pell, Vivi - Egypt (Egyptian gods)
    • Diamante, Doflamingo, Viola - Spain
    • Crocodile, Capone Bege - Italy (mafia)

    If anyone else has any ideas, please share them.

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  • Roranoa Drake II

    Greetings folks,

    This has been an interesting week. A delayed chapter and no Kaido to do his usual review blog because he's out in the woods preparing for the Hunger Games. Without further adieu, let's get to it.

    We see Big Mom still going crazy trying to attack the Straw Hats. Poor King Baum is being used as a punching bag. After suffering a fatal strike from Napoleon, Nami reassures him that he will live, only for him to get set ablaze shortly after. Then we had Nami winning over Zeus with her lightning as some had predicted. Meanwhile with the Big Mom Pirates, Brulee has an army in the mirror world ready to attack at anytime. And there's a mirror still on the Sunny... To make matters worse Katakuri is already on the Sunny waiting for the …

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    So I've been wanting to enter to debates for a coupleof months and in the last few months... I basically can't think of anything to say that would really add anything to the discussion. O_O

    Anyone else ever feel like this for long periods of time?

    I guess I feel sheepish as there was a time I had a lot to discuss about just about everything OP related.

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Gatz: Welcome, one and all, to the sixth One Piece character popularity poll spectacle! I'm your host, Gatz!

    Itomimizu: And I'm your host, Itomimizu!

    Gatz: Itomimiz-who?

    Itomimizu: Excuse my co-host, he's just trying to crack a joke. Anyways, we're here as part of the One Piece 20th anniversary celebration! Throughout its 20 years, One Piece has introduced hundreds of characters. Characters that have made us laugh, made us cry, made us nosebleed, and so much more. To that extent, the citizens of Japan have voted in their favorite One Piece character as part of a big popularity poll.

    Gatz: ...I wasn't joking. Who are you?

    Itomimizu: What do you mean, who am I? I'm Itomimizu, the Davy Back Fight announcer!

    Gatz: Davy Back Fight? Isn't that filler?


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  • OnePieceNation

    Wait an extremely long blog out of the blue form the extremely long gone OPN. Yeah you see it right, Christmas has come early, for some people my return as just a blogger on this site will be a terrible Christmas, but that says more about them then me. Since it has nearly been five years since I was any kind of active here and a lot has changed and happened in those five years and I now just want to get my theories out there especially this one that is the second of my 35 strawhat related theories and which took me 9 and a halve hours to make. So don't be a Down Poopper and just nicely read my blog if you are interested in its premise and you got some time to fill. Greets OPN.

    2 Extended Pasts

    So when we met each strawhat we got to know a bi…

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  • Norman Fong Ochoa

    Hi... My first Blog, so I'll go straight to the point.

    As over the course of the last three years several Shonen series -both from Jump and other magazines alike- have reached its conclusions -like Naruto, Bleach, or Fairy Tail-, and given that One Piece may and will last for longer than all of these (Oda said in an interview in 2014 his work may last another decade, so doing the mathematics, there are like 6-7 years more to go). My question is, are there still any newcomers who can give One Piece a good fight?

    Why do I ask this, you may wonder? Well... since the word "Competition" was made relevant in any given media, contendors in both ends, be it leaders, imitators, or just new contenders, tried to outdo each other -and in the process, ou…

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  • Joekido

    Another article:

    So they finally announced it, they are going to bring in a One Piece live action television series on TV with a guy who worked as a producer on Prison Break involved in the project. Well will this series get a Game of Thornes treatment? Will it follow the original story? Will it be popular like Games of Thrones? Even Oda is excited by this news. However this is not going to be in Japanese, this is going to be made here in America, made by tomorrow studios.

    Just imagine if this ever happened, this wiki is going to explode, we are going to end up covering t…

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  • Ghmorello

    Welp, as we celebrate OP's 20th Anniversary, we were in for a treat with some fanbase dividing news.  The boys in Hollywood have allowed the executive producers of FOX's Prison Break (check that show out) to make a live action adaption of One Piece.  [OP Fans Booing Intensifies!]


    Now, looking back at live action versions of anime in the past, the track record is not that great.  Dragon Ball Evolution and Avatar: The Last Airbender were big bombs at the box office and Rotten Tomatoes, Ghost In The Shell was mediocre despite all the whitewashing controversies, and fans are pissed off that L is black and Light is Disneyfied in Netflix's adaption of D…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Why you have to make me excited right before a hiatus, Odacchi? And to put another hiatus in three weeks to boot...if you see a news story about some guy raging through Japan looking for a chapter, that'll probably be me.

    Overall, lots of exciting plot developments here, and my favorite out of all of them is probably King Baum's resurrection. Just when we were done putting Caesar through hilarious tasks, here comes the other whipping boy. I'm liking this brand of humor a lot, it hasn't gotten old so far. Damn, Baum is a player. Also, Opera dies, which is pretty much his just desserts - no complaints from me here.

    And that's not to mention Pudding! Just when I feared she would forever fade into irrelevance, here she comes with a deliciously e…

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  • OtakuSamaOfficial

    [1]---- Hey guys today I am going to discuss about the top 5 one piece characters who can defeat a yonko . Yup you heard me correct top 5 peoples who have powers to beat an emperor of new world . Also, my list is based on the characters we have seen up till now.                                                                    So, we already know the names of the Four Emperor's/Yonko's who rule over the new world , they are Shanks , Charlotte Linlin , Kaido and Marshal D. Teach . Now I am going to mention the names of the characters who have the caliber to beat a Yonko.

    *Sukazuki (Commonly Known by his Alias Akainu) [2] Akainu has immense powers , theres no doubt in that . He ate a Magma- Magma Devil Fruit which is a logia type devil fruit . S…

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  • Observer Supreme

    We all have learned that the Marines under Sakazuki have been pretty busy with conscription after the Battle of Marineford among other aggressive things. However, I can't help but wonder what Kuzan and Borsalino would do if either of them succeeded Sengoku instead. I honestly can't tell how much of an effect either of them would have on the Navy as a whole, but I am admittedly not confident that they would immediately rise up to the level of responsibility being Fleet Admiral entails. At least not at first.

    Take your time in thinking this line of thought over. And please take it seriously.

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