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  • Samium

    "Nobody has ever let me wish for life"   or so says Robin.

    Oh posh.

    While we all sympathize for Robin deeply,  Is there anyone here who found this hard to swallow on the first read?

    If you were to read/or watch this scene a second time, you will probably feel like an idiot for caving into this over-rated, over manipulative sequence.

    Everybody seems to forget that Crocodile gave her a very warm welcome and opportunity to stay alive. Are we supposed to believe that in her eight years in Baroque works, that she did not make friends with her fellow members, and it's also pretty obvious was living in comfort and luxury (look at her clothes),Nobody betrayed her to the 'so-called' Law and she was vice president for christ sake. As Miss All Sunday, sh…

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  • Xilinoc

    I don't think we've had a chapter with this many two-page spreads since Marineford, but they were all very much worth it.

    So to kick things off, apparently the rest of the Sun Pirates are hightailing iut out of WCI, since they know Big Mom's gonna be pissed at them due to Jinbe being Jinbe. As it turns out, we were all wrong about the roulette wheel: instead of losing limbs or lifespan, Jinbe would've had to sacrifice his own crewmates, which we all know is basically a felony to the good guys of this series. Jinbe also knows about the Big Mom Pirates' plan to massacre the Vinsmokes, but isn't going to tell the Straw Hats about it because they'd screw up the plan to kill Big Mom just to save him. How pragmatic. Oh, and he's basically confirme…

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  • Ghmorello

    We got an early release today and it looks like that there will be no break next week!

    Throughout this chapter, we got the plan to take down Big Mom explained to us.  Unfortunately, like all plans that are explained to us too early, this plan is destined to fail or be altered in an unexpected way.  So, here's the deal:

    Caes, I mean Gastino, has three poisonous rocket launchers which can be used to kill Big Mom if only two conditions are met: 1) No one could interfere with the assassination attempt and 2) Big Mom is weakened from her trigger point involving a special photo. 

    The photo is a picture of a woman only known as Mother Caramel who Big Mom looks at across the table during various occasions.  Could Mother Caramel be Big Mom's mother?  …

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Yoshihisa Heishi is sound asleep in his luxurious bed. There's not a sound outside. But inside his mind, chaos has erupted. He hears words he cannot decipher. He hears the sounds of police sirens. Furious typing on a computer. Finally, in the jumbled mess of images in his mind, one comes to the forefront. He sees the head of a panda. And not just any with a rice hat on!

    In a cold sweat, Mr. Heishi bolts upright. Sweating and hyperventilating, he reaches for the phone. A great, great evil was about to return, and he needed the greatest forces he had at his disposal.

    Six hours later...

    Luffy: Eh? Why'd you call me here?

    Heishi: Because a great evil is that you likely know. You still remember the entity known as "Manga…

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  • Fliu

    I seriously despise Big Mom. I am curious about the giants’ reason for hating her, but it’s already clear that she’s not a likeable person. She has an ugly personality and she is a self-entitled barbarian who easily throws fits of destructive rage if things don’t go her way. Considering her capacity for cruelty, it is reasonable to believe that she must have done something to upset the giants or they simply just hate her guts.

    I am rooting for Bege and Luffy in their upcoming endeavor to take down Big Mom. Bege seems confident about his plan, but Law also had a plan to defeat Doflamingo and we saw how that turned out. Even though Law did his best, Luffy was the one to take down Doflamingo in the end. However, unlike Law, Bege also has the a…

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  • Bluefox87

    please read the link first

    Okay so im confused. Are they saying u can't buy like one piece dvd's from japan anymore? Cause i can still buy one piece dubbs on amazon.. In just asking is this also going to affect the future dubs or not. I know it was just a licensing error and they are trying to get it fixed but i just wanna know.

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  • Ghmorello

    A good chapter that ties some knots before the prevention of another knot being tied.

    We start off with a brand new color cover page in which Oda shows his love for American Football (handegg for you Commies).

    We're introduced to the head chef of WCI who oversees the completion of the wedding cake.

    Meanwhile, Pekoms is doing fine as he's recovering with Praline and Aladdin, but wants to make his move.

    Cut to Luffy and Sanji who arrive at Bege's HQ and get themselves cleaned. We're treated to some Nami and Carrot fan service while Chiffon talks about the feud between Big Mom and the Giants Army of Elbaf. Years ago, Lola was supposed to marry the Giant Prince, Loki, but the arrangement fell through, both sides started hating each other, and Ch…

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  • Boy-Yo

    Okay, this is an idea I have had for a while, and I wanted to discuss it in the chat at first, but I am too busy to do that at the moment. So, I thought I would try to start things here. Now some of you know that Funimation is now getting closer to the Fishman Island Arc, and soon the last two Yonko, Big Mom and Kaido, will make appearances in the future of the dub.

    So I was thinking about who Funimation could possibly cast for such important characters in the One Piece universe. After thinking about it for a moment, I decided on voice actors I would like to see for the Yonko.

    First, Big Mom, AKA Charlotte Linlin. She is known to be the only female Yonko living today, and is quite a feared presence, as well as pretty old. I thought of one vo…

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  • Keekian

    From what i see, she started to hate the World Government & possibly the people of her town because they tricked her saviour, Fisher Tiger into a death trap. Is that the main reason why she joined the Revolutionaries?  

    PS : I wanted to add this on the koala page but was afraid that it might get undone, since its speculation after all.

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  • Randomname12342

    How did he get a cigar? Do they give those away in hell?

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  • TheStrawHatFollower

    So I have been following the Wikia for a while now and finally decided to join up since the last few chapters have been bugging me a lot. I am originally an Anime fan and have watched every single episode released, but now that the episodes are coming so slowly, I decided to catch up by reading the Manga. I have thought of a few scenarios and could use some opinions on them. 1. Who is the most probable next Straw Hat? (Pekoms/Pedro/Carrot/Jinbei) 2. Is it possibe that Luffy actually gets credit for dethroning Big Mom and is crowned a Yonko? 3. Can Buggy end up becoming the next Yonko? 4. Can the Straw Hats run into Crocodile on the day of the Tea Party? 5. Do the Straw Hats head off to Wano immediately after the Completion of the Tea Part…

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  • Kuma the Bear

    After being on the fringe of this wikia for many years I've finally decided to take the plunge and join the fun. So for my first blog I've decided to start from the begining. IN the begining there was a boy named Luffy......!? ha ha ha JK I'm sure everyone here knows that story but while we are here we could talk about Shanks. As the series progressed more and more was revealed of how awesome Shanks is and one question started forming in my mind, 'What the hell was he doing in East Blue when he meet Luffy? I mean a pirate as strong as Shanks wouldn't be like "yeah enough of the Grand Line let's take a vacation in one of the blues" and if he was originally from the West blue why was he recruiting members (Yassop) in East blue.

    Then I watched…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Finally, a chapter! Very text-heavy, but it's a good setup for the next stage of the plot, which is sure to be kick-ass.

    The Sanji retrieval team finally, uh, retrieves Sanji, and they escape from Whole Cake Island, with him and the Poneglyphs in tow. They then head to Wano Country, where Kaido stands on the beach, holding Law's dead body.

    ...Oh wait, Sanji's gotta save his family. Dammit, I wanted to see dead Law!

    I absolutely loved the recurring gag of the Sanji retrieval team considering Brulee and Diesel part of their group while the latter two tried their hardest to disclaim it. Once Jinbe dies those two will be the next nakamas, I'm calling it.

    Finally, Jinbe offers a proposition to Luffy, for them to ally with Bege, who's surprise surpr…

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  • Randomname12342

    I just finished the Thriller Bark Arc and I remember someone said something about Gol D. Roger and Brook replied something like "Gold Roger? I think I remember a rookie by that name from a while ago." Well, the thing is... Roger is 53 years old and Brook was a pirate 50 years ago so does that make Roger a pirate when he was 3?

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  • Avery D. North

    Ok I'll start this off by saying yes there is a chance that Bege shot Bobbin but some folks are acting as if the manga has specifically stated that it was Bege, which it hasn't because the figures were shadowed. Signs are pointing to Bege staging a coup so it could very well be him. He did attempt to take out Pekoms, and the way he did it leans toward it being more of his idea that Big Mom's as I am sure she could've gotten use out of his remaining years. I do think that most likely Bege will be the culprit but I wanted to put a few other ideas out there.

    My first idea is that it was a group of the Germa 66 clone soldiers. Now I am aware that the soldiers are meant to obey every order but I am gonna say that a group or all of the soldiers w…

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  • StephenBrown30

    No manga week!

    February 20, 2017 by StephenBrown30

    Two questions...

    1. What do people do on no manga week..? I just spend my time flicking through pages on here which led to my next question!

    2. Who's everyone's favourite antagonist so far? mine is definitely Rob Lucci!

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  • NguyenAnhLam

    Vivi 2 years later

    February 19, 2017 by NguyenAnhLam

    I read in Vivi page said that 2 years later she appeared in chapter 640-641 manga, which around episode 561-562 anime (as in the page) but I found Vivi didn't appear in ep 561 nor 562 in the anime. Anyone could tell me what episode Vivi's real first appearance appear in the anime two years after?

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  • Steven+Amethyst=SmokyQuartz

    Steven+Amethyst=SmokyQuartz (talk) 20:18, February 17, 2017 (UTC)I personally hate the World Nobles, like every other One Piece fan. The good hearted World Nobles that have been shown are now dead. I personally hope that by the end of the series all of the nobles are spending the rest of their lives in Impel down. I briefly hoped that they would all die but then I thought death would be too good for them. They need to experience the torture and heck, I don't use curse words, they spent centuries putting people through.

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  • Taeviri

    I'd like to shed a light and possibly discuss the various groups and characters (likely) present at the wedding, and who may be working with whom.

    Right now it seems like there're 4 main factions that will be making their move during the wedding: Big Mom and her loyal followers; The Straw Hats and allies; the perpetrators of Jinbe's "mysterious plot", likely Capone and whoever's working with him; and the Vinsmokes caught in the middle. Most of the members of these groups are also already clear: Big Mom has her homies, her children, and the rest of her direct crew; Luffy has the members of the rescue team, Sanji, Jinbe, and possibly Jinbe's crew; and the Vinsmokes will likely only have each other so long as they can't reach their forces.

    Of a…

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  • Ultimate-Amaretsu


    February 16, 2017 by Ultimate-Amaretsu

    Although that's a bit late, BUT (at least I think), Oda might start a new line of power of Awakening!


    Remember, when Doffy first mentioned that there is a new form of power of the DF - that is Awakening, he changed nearly the whole island into strings.  However, I think that might have appeared much earlier in the show, for example - when the whole Punk Hazard was covered by nothing but lava and ice, it might well be that Akainu and Aojiki have used their Awakening. (or perhaps even earlier, when our mysterious dragon summoned a storm to save luffy)

    Now firstly, how does Awakening work?

    Let's start from the basics, a Devil Fruit power also generally affects the clothes that the user is wearing.  But now, it goes further, to the area…

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  • Ghmorello

    Another good chapter involving Sanji's relationship and loyalty to Luffy.

    We begin with the Straw Hats in Mirror World lookimg for Luffy and Sanji with no success. Nami suggests that they go to the battlefield where Luffy and Sanji fought which makes Chopper cry. We're given a big reveal that Pekoms is still alive and was possibly saved by Jinbe, so there's a theory that many fans may have gotten right.

    Elsewhere, Bobbin continues to disappoint as an unknown assailant (possibly Bege) shoots Bobbin in the back and leaves him for dead. If Capone Bege is the one who shot Bobbin, then we're about to see Bege's plans to betray Big Mom go into action.

    We also see the Vinsmokes party like idiots and to much of my disappointment, they're immune to…

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  • Vafiz

    The Big Boom Boom

    February 15, 2017 by Vafiz

    Ok so we know that one shot from Pluton = island is shrek'd.

    Also since Franky had the blueprints for that bad boy, what do you think are the chances that some of that sweet tech was used to build the Thousand Sunny? (i.e. Coup de burst /Gaon Cannon)

    And if you think I could be even remotely up to something, how many times bigger would the actual same cannon from Pluton would have to be to actually destroy a random island?

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  • Samium

    Question - The Voice of Merry

    February 14, 2017 by Samium

    Sorry that this is not relevant to the current chapters,

    but I'm interested in all the readers thoughts on this

    I've been re-reading the 400's chapters and I think I found my favourite way to argue that the Manga is better than the Anime.

    When the Going Merry speaks at the end of Enies Lobby,  What kind of voice did you project onto it when you read those words

    Who envisioned a solumn, diety-like, Morgan Freeman kind of voice? (or maybe Hiroyuki Sanada if you are Japanese)

    or maybe the voice of an young adult, older brother  (like Sabo)

    or did you hear the kind of light weight, choir-boy, sentimental voice that is depicted in the anime,

    I use this to argue that the Manga is a better story medium, becuase the Merry is supposed to be a guardian ang…

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  • DomoGanchan

    Luffy will have 6 gears?!

    February 13, 2017 by DomoGanchan

    I think I am not the only one who thinks this is the case and if there's already a post about this, I clearly don't have any idea. 







    So guys. Eversince luffy learned his gears and everytime he uses it, I always think of his changing gears as similar as those found in a manual car. Of course all of us knows that even if luffy has gear 4, it is not enough to beat a yonkou. Right guys? so what if he actually learned two other gears that he hasn't yet shown in both manga and anime? Two gears that could possibly be used against someone in One piece that has a lot more power than luffy. Or maybe even gears that can surpass those super legendary antagonists? 

    So whadya think guys? Will luffy have two more gears or will he just use a lot of c…

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  • Sithlord Andeddu

    First I want tell something, if you don't want to see a full-scale battle between Luffy and Big Mom please don't read this blog. I personally hoping for a big clash as Totto Land finale. Like we saw in Dressrosa.

    Allow me to explain why I hope/think the battle with Big Mom and her crew is necessary and unavoidable.

    Luffy and his group turned upside down the Seducing Woods and some part of Whole Cake Chateau. Cracker defeated by Luffy (and Nami) and severely injured in the process. Chopper and Carrot invaded the Mirror-World and took Brulée as hostage. Jinbe burnt Mont-d'Or's collection of books when he saved Luffy and Nami. Nami and the others rescued Brook from Big Mom's clutches totally fooling her and her three strongest homie in the proc…

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  • Vafiz

    A bit of genetics...

    February 9, 2017 by Vafiz

    I have a bit of a theory about conqueror's haki and why is it rare in the one piece universe...

    I'm like 80% sure this theory of mine is innacurate, because my knowledge of genetics is close to non-existant.

    OK, so during the Marine ford war Garp mentioned that he suspected that Luffy was born with Conquerors haki, implying that it is a genetic trait.

    From what I know genetic traits can be either dominant or recessive. When the dominant trait presents itself, a person has a 100% chance of being born with it. For a recessive trait to show up both parents have to have the recessive trait.

    I'm suspecting that the Conquerors haki is a trait that is really rare and when it presents itself it is only recessive. One of the reasons Conquerors haki is …

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  • Fliu

    Totto Land Arc anime

    February 9, 2017 by Fliu

    It appears that the anime will be starting the Totto Land Arc soon (after the next episode). Based on recent history (over the past few years), it’s safe to say that there will be extended and “filler” scenes added into this arc.

    So let’s have a little fun speculating what will be extended and what will be added in the next anime arc.

    • The anime will add more scenes of Vivi, Shirahoshi, Rebecca, and the Sakura Kingdom.
    • The anime will show the confrontation between Kaido and Kid's group.
    • The anime will add a scene of Carrot sneaking aboard the Thousand Sunny.
    • The anime will add a scene of the Sanji Retrieval Team landing on the Thousand Sunny right after they jumped off of Zunisha.
    • The exploration of Cacao Island will be extended.
    • While recalling h…
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  • Ichimaru-T2


    February 9, 2017 by Ichimaru-T2

    It's been confirmed in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump that Eiichiro Oda's One Piece Manga will be ending very soon.

    With that being said, the number of chapters left is still unknown. 

    Blah Blah Blah

    Ok I lied. One Piece isn't ending soon. I just wanted to get your attention.

    Now that I have your attention let's get this started:

    Weekly manga chapters are normally 19 pages long and I've noticed that One Piece chapters has been cut short by 2 pages since chapter 786.

    Bleach had the same problem; it was cut down, from 19 pages, to 17 pages since the start of it's final arc. I know that it was losing popularity and people thought it might be due to that. But even so, that's just a speculation as the resaon for it was never explained. I did …

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    I wake up early to read a chapter about sleep, ha ha thanks Oda.

    The chapter starts off with Bobbin quickly recovering from the attack on him and using his abilities to put everyone to sleep before going after Sanji himself - I wonder what the full extent of his abilities are, because the ability to put anyone to sleep can get real overpowered real fast. Also, his bounty is revealed as an extremely strange 105,500,000, though I more enjoyed the tears of the salty fanboys who let their imaginations run wild with Bobbin over the past 200 chapters, thinking he was a Sweet Commander-level fighter. That's why you don't let your expectations rule the story, folks.

    I'm also intrigued by Bobbin's actions being just another in a long line of efforts …

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  • Ghmorello

    We're all sleepy right now aren't we?

    The chapter begins with Bobbin recovering and dedicating his mission to finding and defeating Sanji. Apparently, Bobbin only has a 105.5 million Berry bounty and a devil fruit which allows him to put people to sleep.

    Elsewhere, Team Bropper have entered Big Mom's bedroom where the Yonko is sleeping while Brook ended up being Big Mom's personal teddy bear. After avoiding the attacks of BM and her 3 main Homies, the Straw Hats replace Brook with a decoy. Brook reveals that he copied the Poneglyphs and hid them in his skull - smart thinking!

    Finally, Sanji has returned to the promised area after fighting some stray dogs and sees Luffy all shriveled up.

    Not much is going on besides Brook finishing his missi…

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  • Samium

    1)   I will reveal Uranus.

    2)   I will Introduce Luffy to his father, and give them an intelligent conversation.

    3)   I will stop reusing the 'peacful kingdom under an evil tyrant'  story model (Dressrosa / Alabasta)

    4)   I will stop dressing Nami like a playboy cover

    5)   I will stop treating adult characters like children

    6)   I will stop torturing children, when it is not necessary, to convey my point.

    7)   I will marry Sabo and Koala

    8)   I will reveal some of what happened to Robin during the two year gap.

    9)   I will cut down on exposition

    10)   I will take better care of myself.

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  • Observer Supreme

    Looking back on Arlong's past actions and mannerisms and comparing them with Hody Jones', I think it's safe to say that they probably would've teamed up together completely if it happened before Fisher Tiger formed the Sun Pirates, but would work fragilely after so long as it's unproven that Hody actually killed any Fishmen or Merfolk, otherwise he'd turn against him for taking his name as well as Tiger's into the gutter. I can actually imagine Arlong finding out about Hody's wrongs from his tutelage would be what wakes him up from his supremacist stupor followed by him, or someone who actually sees the flaws in Hody's messed up logic, giving the latter the middle finger and saying that no one is really perfect, especially a radical terror…

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  • Steven+Amethyst=SmokyQuartz

    I'm a fan of Luffy x Hancock and I hope they get together. For awhile now i've wonder what would happen if they had a child. If they did have a kid i'm hoping it would be a girl. I kind of have an idea on what their daughter's haki would be like. Because the girl's parents both possess conqueror's haki the power is amplified inside her and she has a very rare ability known as "God's Haki." Just like conqueror's haki a person can only possess god's haki if they are born with it.

    A person can only be born with god's haki if their parents both possess conqueror's haki. God's haki is so strong that the person can use it even before they're born, during which time the baby uses the haki to protect both it's parents from serious threats. Even aft…

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  • Ghmorello

    Looks like we have a new trend of chapters coming out in the midnight hours, so yay I guess?

    Anyways, we start off with Nami and Jinbe fighting more guards when all of a sudden the Bropper Gang intervene and save Nami and Jinbe although Nami accidentally hit Chopper with her Thunder Tempo attack.  In the Mirror World, Brulee is surprised to see Jinbe is still alive and it's revealed that Jinbe chickened out on the wheel.  Apparently, anyone who plays Big Mom's Wheel of Misfortune will die no matter where the wheel lands on even though Pedro survived. 

    Back to Big Mom and Pudding.  Brook may have lost and become Big Mom's play thing, but give him props for injuring Promethius during the fight.  Pudding reveals that she was testing her new pis…

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  • Bluefox87

    Back in chapter 761, when Law and dolflamingo were talking about the "Ageless Surgery" thign and law said he had no intrest in it. Does that mean he doen't know how to do it?

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  • Ghmorello

    Believe it or not, the chapter actually got posted during the midnight hours, but hopefully we have gone back to our normal weekly chapter schedule.

    We begin with Big Mom emerging victorious over Brook as she plays with Brook's naked corpse.  Big Mom talks about how she couldn't let Brook take a copy of the Road Poneglyph due to the fact that Roger broke into her castle and stole a copy many years ago meaning that Big Mom had been in charge during Roger's time as a pirate. 

    Pudding then comes in and as expected, we're officially introduced to the Three-Eyed race even though Pudding is a half-blood.  Big Mom reveals that members of the Three-Eyed race have a special hidden ability with their 3rd eye, but Pudding claims she doesn't have that p…

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    Now first of all not sure how many people have thought about this but what if Caesar Clown joins the crew on some crazy plot twists? As the Scientist of the group yes we have Chopper but he could help chopper and Franky brings us close to Vegapunk. 


    Yes I know he evil... but is he because he has great interactions with the crew comedy wise and doesn't seem to have a major fear of him as threat at all. Once if you recall Robin was evil an a main bad guy but was forced to do evil things By Mingo (as Luffy would say) and Big Mama now and Kaido all these major powers want to use him and his abilities and his knowledge.


    How Crocodile wanted to use Robin for what she knew, if Caesar joins the crew he could enhance the ship with Franky help Usopp…

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  • Devil fruit user

    Luffy's Tooth

    January 24, 2017 by Devil fruit user

    I do not know why it is so important to me, but it is.

    I need Luffy's tooth to come back.  I feel like the mising tooth takes away from his "good guy" appearance and makes him look more like a villian (like Blackbeard).  Luffy has lost teeth before in a comedic fashion (Skypeia) and Usopp has lost teeth in battle (Alabasta, etc) and they have always come back.  I was expecting the tooth to return right away as it has done in the past, but it seems like now that Luffy lost it in a serious fight it may be gone for good or just for a longer time.  

    I'm still hoping that it will come back when Sanji decides to return but I feel that since so much time has passed without the tooth it might be gone for good.  Now when they get back to the crew the…

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  • Juanito316

    There's one thing I've been wondering, if Jinbe joins the Straw Hats, will it be as part of the main crew, or will he and the Sun Pirates become part of the Grand Fleet?

    (BTW, I haven't reached the point where the Grand Fleet is formed yet, I just was spoiled about it lol)

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  • Angel Emfrbl

    So... I've mentioned before I'm considering starting up a project. This is the thing...In some characters, information can be repeated several times on a page. For example, one can mentioned a event in "personality", then again in "relationships" and again in "history".

    So the project is discussing how to prevent this.

    What do you guys think, should I go ahead and start? IT will run for the rest of this year...

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  • KeisariApaSetä

    Let me first make a disclaimer. The following text is purely My own thoughts and hypothesis. If you don't like it, don't hate Me for it. You are welcome to leave productive comments but please, no hating Me for this.

    So My theory is that Nami is a member of the D.

    First you might think that it's impossible for many reasons but hear me out.

    Yes I know that she doesn't have the initial D. on her name but if you think about her past, it gives us a explanation. In chapter 77 Genzo tells Nami that Bellemere was in a war somewhere in a brink of death when Nojiko apeared in front of her carrying an infant. Nojiko tells that she's not her sister and Bellemere takes them both with her back to Cocoyashi Village. So we don't know anything about Namis re…

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  • HollowIchigo58

    Ever since yesterday my Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has been detection shit on this Wiki with pop-ups, so what the hell is going on?

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  • WillofOP

    Ok so I know this may seem like a crazy theory but what if Reiju is the next straw hat? In today's chapter, we got to see a lot of her personality and the flashback of what really happened to their mother.

    One thing that was interesting to me is how they only pointed out that she still has some humanity left in her in the beginning of the flashback. Although the flashback was mainly about Sanji it left me with the impression that she would be a good fit for the SH's. She checks out with having a broken past and having powers; I wouldn't mind if Oda changed up the recruitment formula to still show he's versatile as a story creator. The only things not confirmed in the SH recruitment checklist is that we haven't really seen her in an actual f…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    This chapter was definitely simpler than many that came before it, but it provided quite a bit of information we needed that was quite more groundbreaking than it looks.

    Apparently we don't need to pull the Sugar Effect on Mont-d'Or, as it turns out burning the books works quite fine, though I am a bit appalled by how injured Luffy and Nami are. How far did the flames have to go? But anyways, the Sweet Escape has begun, because the Straw Hats definitely wanna get away. And speaking of getting away...

    Pudding's DF becomes all for naught after Sanji tells Reiju what really happened, and her acceptance of it seems a bit contrived...until we find out what happens next. There's no frills to it, no enemy of my enemy is my friend mentality, they're…

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  • Xilinoc

    Ch. 852 - Oh The Humanity

    January 12, 2017 by Xilinoc

    So Oda's chapter string has finally broken, but I think this was a good note to end it on.

    After a hilarious cover page featuring Robin's...eclectic drawing of Chopper, we kick things off in the infirmary, where Sanji finds Reiju recovering from her arrow bullet to the knee and tells her the truth about what happened with Pudding. What a guy, at least his depressing didn't cripple him too much.

    Meanwhile, Jinbe frees Luffy and Nami from their book prison by...burning it. Apparently that's the only way to free people without Mont-d'Or's consent, so yeah. Also funny that Jinbe had to use a bucket of water to extinguish the two. Apparently, in spite of what the dirty MSM is saying about him, Jinbe did in fact resolve his business with Big Mom, so…

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  • Ricizubi

    Economics of One Piece

    January 7, 2017 by Ricizubi

    As you may know, our world is dominated by economic concepts which evolved to fit the existing political models all the way from hunter-gatherer societies all the way to our modern financial system. But I don't want to talk about the real world with its real capitalism and its real communism or all that stuff, I'm here to talk about how things seem to work and why they work or why they shouldn't be working in our favourite series' universe. I will speculate on a lot of stuff, simply because Oda, although amazing at world-building, doesn't delve into too much detail about the processes.

    To start off, we should discuss a little bit about the structures of society existent in One Piece. The World Government currently acts as the dominant polit…

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  • Samium

    The One-Liner game

    January 7, 2017 by Samium

    Somebody started this game in a Star Wars blog a few years ago.

    Take one line from the show/manga and replace one word with the word 'pants'

    ROBIN:  "Franky didn't you run out of cola pants?

    BROOK:  My eyes pants nearly jumped out of my skull

    LUFFY:  I still have my nakama  pants

    Read more >
  • Samium

    Can someone answer this for me please?

    • *caution you may NOT like what you read * * *

    I'm trying to be unbias but,

    I have always found that Robin's backstory is the most compelling of all the Straw hats. It might be the only one that was beyond Oda's ability to do justice to, simply because it is pure drama a world that always has some comedy. This is a story about a girl who is delared a sinful living being and supposed procecuted by the world. That is freaking huge, certainly darker than any other subplot in the story. In the real world, North Korea actually persecutes people this way, by jailing relatives of criminals.  

    The first half of the Water 7 arc is highly compelling. Robin is presented as a complex, yet sympathetic character. Alas, …

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  • Jborg007

    My Big Mom Germa Wedding

    December 30, 2016 by Jborg007

    2016 hasn't exactly been the best of years, we've had a lot of famous deaths that have occured. But it's time to put that aside because 2017 is about to begin, and no matter what the media says, there will be no "wedding of the year" that will compare to the Vinsmoke - Charlotte wedding. This blog is surmise the lead up to the wedding, and the possible events that could occur during the big day.

    Vinsmoke Sanji and Charlotte Pudding have been aranged to be married, thanks to Papa Vinsmoke and Mother Charlotte, in order for both to gain more strength and power in the OP world. Of course this does not sit well with our captain and so a rescue team has been formed and have invaded Totto Land, in hopes to rescue Sanji, and steal the Road Ponogly…

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  • 12th Supernova

    Not a bad chapter to end the year on.

    So, we've got Pudding showing more of her real nature. Some Usopp level impersonations there. She's just generally quite nasty, but I suppose if she weren't it'd be unusual. She is the daughter of a Yonko after all. And she has a cool gun that makes no sense but hey it's sweet themed so that means something.

    Sanji... oh boy. I felt bad for him. That was the best depiction of heartbreak I've seen in years. Well done, Oda.

    Brook seems to be faring astonishingly well against Big Mom. He's taken a hit or two and he's still standing, and he seems to have a proper plan as well. Kind of disappointed that there was no joke about him being already dead, mind.

    Luffy still can't rip his arms off. I mean that's good b…

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