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  • OnePieceNation

    Wait an extremely long blog out of the blue form the extremely long gone OPN. Yeah you see it right, Christmas has come early, for some people my return as just a blogger on this site will be a terrible Christmas, but that says more about them then me. Since it has nearly been five years since I was any kind of active here and a lot has changed and happened in those five years and I now just want to get my theories out there especially this one that is the second of my 35 strawhat related theories and which took me 9 and a halve hours to make. So don't be a Down Poopper and just nicely read my blog if you are interested in its premise and you got some time to fill. Greets OPN.

    2 Extended Pasts

    So when we met each strawhat we got to know a bi…

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  • Norman Fong Ochoa

    Hi... My first Blog, so I'll go straight to the point.

    As over the course of the last three years several Shonen series -both from Jump and other magazines alike- have reached its conclusions -like Naruto, Bleach, or Fairy Tail-, and given that One Piece may and will last for longer than all of these (Oda said in an interview in 2014 his work may last another decade, so doing the mathematics, there are like 6-7 years more to go). My question is, are there still any newcomers who can give One Piece a good fight?

    Why do I ask this, you may wonder? Well... since the word "Competition" was made relevant in any given media, contendors in both ends, be it leaders, imitators, or just new contenders, tried to outdo each other -and in the process, ou…

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  • Joekido

    Another article:

    So they finally announced it, they are going to bring in a One Piece live action television series on TV with a guy who worked as a producer on Prison Break involved in the project. Well will this series get a Game of Thornes treatment? Will it follow the original story? Will it be popular like Games of Thrones? Even Oda is excited by this news. However this is not going to be in Japanese, this is going to be made here in America, made by tomorrow studios.

    Just imagine if this ever happened, this wiki is going to explode, we are going to end up covering t…

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  • Ghmorello

    Welp, as we celebrate OP's 20th Anniversary, we were in for a treat with some fanbase dividing news.  The boys in Hollywood have allowed the executive producers of FOX's Prison Break (check that show out) to make a live action adaption of One Piece.  [OP Fans Booing Intensifies!]


    Now, looking back at live action versions of anime in the past, the track record is not that great.  Dragon Ball Evolution and Avatar: The Last Airbender were big bombs at the box office and Rotten Tomatoes, Ghost In The Shell was mediocre despite all the whitewashing controversies, and fans are pissed off that L is black and Light is Disneyfied in Netflix's adaption of D…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Why you have to make me excited right before a hiatus, Odacchi? And to put another hiatus in three weeks to boot...if you see a news story about some guy raging through Japan looking for a chapter, that'll probably be me.

    Overall, lots of exciting plot developments here, and my favorite out of all of them is probably King Baum's resurrection. Just when we were done putting Caesar through hilarious tasks, here comes the other whipping boy. I'm liking this brand of humor a lot, it hasn't gotten old so far. Damn, Baum is a player. Also, Opera dies, which is pretty much his just desserts - no complaints from me here.

    And that's not to mention Pudding! Just when I feared she would forever fade into irrelevance, here she comes with a deliciously e…

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  • OtakuSamaOfficial

    [1]---- Hey guys today I am going to discuss about the top 5 one piece characters who can defeat a yonko . Yup you heard me correct top 5 peoples who have powers to beat an emperor of new world . Also, my list is based on the characters we have seen up till now.                                                                    So, we already know the names of the Four Emperor's/Yonko's who rule over the new world , they are Shanks , Charlotte Linlin , Kaido and Marshal D. Teach . Now I am going to mention the names of the characters who have the caliber to beat a Yonko.

    *Sukazuki (Commonly Known by his Alias Akainu) [2]Akainu has immense powers , theres no doubt in that . He ate a Magma- Magma Devil Fruit which is a logia type devil fruit . S…

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  • Observer Supreme

    We all have learned that the Marines under Sakazuki have been pretty busy with conscription after the Battle of Marineford among other aggressive things. However, I can't help but wonder what Kuzan and Borsalino would do if either of them succeeded Sengoku instead. I honestly can't tell how much of an effect either of them would have on the Navy as a whole, but I am admittedly not confident that they would immediately rise up to the level of responsibility being Fleet Admiral entails. At least not at first.

    Take your time in thinking this line of thought over. And please take it seriously.

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    I wanna get away, get away...

    Lots of things from the past rearing their heads as the alliance prepares to make their escape this chapter. First, the Tamatebako. We got a recap of when it first popped up, and let me just say again, I wasn't expecting it to be used in that way at all. Though considering the magnitude of the explosion, I guess that was the best case scenario hahaha).

    So the Straw Hats fly away, and the Big Mom Pirates fall...could this be the end? Wait! Here come Streusen's flashback powers to the rescue! We get some details about it, such as its food not tasting very good...and here comes Big Mom's food cravings again. I enjoyed how Oda utilized these plot elements from earlier in the wedding to keep things flowing smoothly, …

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  • Fliu

    Germa Straw Hats

    July 12, 2017 by Fliu

    After looking at the cover page for Chapter 872, I felt like giving each Straw Hat germa names. Here are my names for each of them.

    Elastic Red Luffy

    Sharp Green Zoro

    Weather Orange Nami

    Star Yellow Usopp (the “star” is a word that Usopp uses in his usual attack names)

    Blaze Blue Sanji (the “blaze” is referring to the fire from his Diable Jambe)

    Cotton Pink Chopper

    Petal Violet Robin (as in flower petals)

    Battle Tank Sky Blue Franky

    Skull Black Brook

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  • Dinosel

         I have to say that it was a pretty good chapter with a bit of action and a lovely plot twist. Oda is clearly putting a lot of thought into this arc.... Like Bartolomeo selling out Straw Hat products.

         The chapter continues from the point where Caesar carries Bege in an attempt to escape from this Totland hell, but the Big Mom pirates have been proved to be way to big of an obstacle for this plan to succeed.

         Thankfully Luffy, Sanji and the Vinsmoke family are there to assist Caesar while putting their lives into great danger. We even got to see a little Vinsmoke brother combo the Black Bug (seriously someone give Oda the attack naming award of the year).

         At the same time a greedy Du Feld is trying to get his hands on the Tam…

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