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  • Xilinoc

    I don't think we've had a chapter with this many two-page spreads since Marineford, but they were all very much worth it.

    So to kick things off, apparently the rest of the Sun Pirates are hightailing iut out of WCI, since they know Big Mom's gonna be pissed at them due to Jinbe being Jinbe. As it turns out, we were all wrong about the roulette wheel: instead of losing limbs or lifespan, Jinbe would've had to sacrifice his own crewmates, which we all know is basically a felony to the good guys of this series. Jinbe also knows about the Big Mom Pirates' plan to massacre the Vinsmokes, but isn't going to tell the Straw Hats about it because they'd screw up the plan to kill Big Mom just to save him. How pragmatic. Oh, and he's basically confirme…

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  • Ghmorello

    We got an early release today and it looks like that there will be no break next week!

    Throughout this chapter, we got the plan to take down Big Mom explained to us.  Unfortunately, like all plans that are explained to us too early, this plan is destined to fail or be altered in an unexpected way.  So, here's the deal:

    Caes, I mean Gastino, has three poisonous rocket launchers which can be used to kill Big Mom if only two conditions are met: 1) No one could interfere with the assassination attempt and 2) Big Mom is weakened from her trigger point involving a special photo. 

    The photo is a picture of a woman only known as Mother Caramel who Big Mom looks at across the table during various occasions.  Could Mother Caramel be Big Mom's mother?  …

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Yoshihisa Heishi is sound asleep in his luxurious bed. There's not a sound outside. But inside his mind, chaos has erupted. He hears words he cannot decipher. He hears the sounds of police sirens. Furious typing on a computer. Finally, in the jumbled mess of images in his mind, one comes to the forefront. He sees the head of a panda. And not just any with a rice hat on!

    In a cold sweat, Mr. Heishi bolts upright. Sweating and hyperventilating, he reaches for the phone. A great, great evil was about to return, and he needed the greatest forces he had at his disposal.

    Six hours later...

    Luffy: Eh? Why'd you call me here?

    Heishi: Because a great evil is that you likely know. You still remember the entity known as "Manga…

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  • Fliu

    I seriously despise Big Mom. I am curious about the giants’ reason for hating her, but it’s already clear that she’s not a likeable person. She has an ugly personality and she is a self-entitled barbarian who easily throws fits of destructive rage if things don’t go her way. Considering her capacity for cruelty, it is reasonable to believe that she must have done something to upset the giants or they simply just hate her guts.

    I am rooting for Bege and Luffy in their upcoming endeavor to take down Big Mom. Bege seems confident about his plan, but Law also had a plan to defeat Doflamingo and we saw how that turned out. Even though Law did his best, Luffy was the one to take down Doflamingo in the end. However, unlike Law, Bege also has the a…

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  • Bluefox87

    please read the link first

    Okay so im confused. Are they saying u can't buy like one piece dvd's from japan anymore? Cause i can still buy one piece dubbs on amazon.. In just asking is this also going to affect the future dubs or not. I know it was just a licensing error and they are trying to get it fixed but i just wanna know.

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  • Ghmorello

    A good chapter that ties some knots before the prevention of another knot being tied.

    We start off with a brand new color cover page in which Oda shows his love for American Football (handegg for you Commies).

    We're introduced to the head chef of WCI who oversees the completion of the wedding cake.

    Meanwhile, Pekoms is doing fine as he's recovering with Praline and Aladdin, but wants to make his move.

    Cut to Luffy and Sanji who arrive at Bege's HQ and get themselves cleaned. We're treated to some Nami and Carrot fan service while Chiffon talks about the feud between Big Mom and the Giants Army of Elbaf. Years ago, Lola was supposed to marry the Giant Prince, Loki, but the arrangement fell through, both sides started hating each other, and Ch…

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  • Boy-Yo

    Okay, this is an idea I have had for a while, and I wanted to discuss it in the chat at first, but I am too busy to do that at the moment. So, I thought I would try to start things here. Now some of you know that Funimation is now getting closer to the Fishman Island Arc, and soon the last two Yonko, Big Mom and Kaido, will make appearances in the future of the dub.

    So I was thinking about who Funimation could possibly cast for such important characters in the One Piece universe. After thinking about it for a moment, I decided on voice actors I would like to see for the Yonko.

    First, Big Mom, AKA Charlotte Linlin. She is known to be the only female Yonko living today, and is quite a feared presence, as well as pretty old. I thought of one vo…

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  • Keekian

    From what i see, she started to hate the World Government & possibly the people of her town because they tricked her saviour, Fisher Tiger into a death trap. Is that the main reason why she joined the Revolutionaries?  

    PS : I wanted to add this on the koala page but was afraid that it might get undone, since its speculation after all.

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  • Randomname12342

    How did he get a cigar? Do they give those away in hell?

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  • TheStrawHatFollower

    So I have been following the Wikia for a while now and finally decided to join up since the last few chapters have been bugging me a lot. I am originally an Anime fan and have watched every single episode released, but now that the episodes are coming so slowly, I decided to catch up by reading the Manga. I have thought of a few scenarios and could use some opinions on them. 1. Who is the most probable next Straw Hat? (Pekoms/Pedro/Carrot/Jinbei) 2. Is it possibe that Luffy actually gets credit for dethroning Big Mom and is crowned a Yonko? 3. Can Buggy end up becoming the next Yonko? 4. Can the Straw Hats run into Crocodile on the day of the Tea Party? 5. Do the Straw Hats head off to Wano immediately after the Completion of the Tea Part…

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