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  • Roman à Klef

    Over the course of these past two arcs, a few plot points have been set up that interest me greatly, but don't seem to have been discussed much on the wiki.

    The "Magic Wand"- The one part of Nami's previous Clima-Tact that Usopp couldn't integrate into the new one. I can see two ways that this could become relevant; a. The absence of the wand negatively impacts Nami's ability to fight, or b. It somehow ends up being useful to Usopp and the Wano team. So far, its absence doesn't seem to have affected the Clima-Tact's performance, but with a big battle on the way, that could soon change. On the second point, I have a theory. Since Usopp, gadgeteer extraordinaire, couldn't figure out how the wand works, I wondered if Franky might be able to do…

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  • 12th Supernova

    It's been a while since I've been free to do one of these chapter reviews, but annual leave has coincided with a Thursday, so here goes:

    Well, Big Mom has snapped out of it. Maybe. She's too angry to really tell, but the good news is that she's stopped screaming for the first time in over a month. The anime is going to have to hire someone with very strong lungs to cope with that.

    The bad news is that there's not an obvious way out of this one for our heroes. Even after their big flashy transformation scene, a nice look into the camera shot, some individual attacks - they're toast, and the pirates are probably screwed as well.

    Brulee was taken back as well, so there's no ex machina likely to happen with her - unless someone was hiding inside …

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  • DancePowderer

    This blog is going to cover two different topics because I don't feel like writing two separate blogs. The first has to do with Big Mom, the second has to do with the current situation in the story.

    The most intriguing part of chapter 868 is that Charlotte Linlin somehow acquired Carmel's Soul Soul power. She did not acquire the power through conventional means. We know this based on Streusen's reaction to her sudden ability to give things souls, as well as her own surprise, and most importantly, being seemingly completely ignorant of Devil Fruit powers at the time. She called the ability a trick and then said she could do it too now. Most of you have probably figured out what I'm getting at by now, especially if you read Attack On Titan, b…

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  • SubZaev

    I would like to propose the theory that Monkey D. Dragon is a wind logia. The first point I want to address is when Dragon confronts Smoker in Loguetown. The weather condition present at Loguetown resembles the characteristics of a hurricane. If Dragon were able to control the winds then he would be able to dictate the direction of warm and cold fronts. When those two fronts merge together they may form a cumulonimbus cloud and produce tornadoes and lightning. 

    When Dragon saves Luffy by grabbing onto the hilt of Smoker's sword, the hilt seems to go right through his left palm (Not sure if it was intentional or if there was a mistake)

    The tattoo on Dragon's face are in the shape of diamonds. According to this website on Native American symbo…

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  • Fliu

    In stating the obvious, Bege’s assassination attempt was a complete failure. If they only had 3 KX Launchers, then it’s safe to assume that the KX Launcher plan is a complete bust. It wasn’t smart of Bege to use all three of them at once. He should only start with one to see how it goes. It pains me to say this, but Pekoms was right. Bege has been underestimating Big Mom and now the alliance is going to have to suffer for it. Unless Bege’s fortress has powerful defenses, the alliance will still be sitting ducks unless Bege could fly away.

    While things look grim, it may not be completely hopeless. Right now, Luffy and Bege’s best chance to get out of this predicament would be to join forces with Germa 66. Hopefully, Judge can summon his army…

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  • Observer Supreme

    This came to mind just recently, but what if the reason we haven't seen Killer's eyes in his SBS child shot or his whole face as an adult, is because he's related to the Three-Eye Tribe, which, in my speculation, is an endangered group? We haven't seen much of them aside from the half-blooded Charlotte Pudding, and if they can read the Poneglyph language very well with the Voice of All Things, then I wouldn't be surprised if the World Government made an order long ago to make they never get the chance to read those blocks. They did the same to Ohara, after all. Granted this is just speculation, but when and if the spotlight shines on Killer, I think it would be an interesting plot twist.

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Songs of the chapter: "Eye to Eye" by Go West and "MMMBop" by Hanson.

    Man, this chapter was HILARIOUS from back to front. It looks like Cavendish's brief flashback is just about over, with Suleiman showing just about no interest whatsoever. I wonder if the other six members will be able to outdo his story.

    And of course, the main story. The Straw Hats are in mortal panel, but it's still so funny! The facefaults from the Firetanks, Caesar, and the Straw Hats all make this chapter really worthwhile. Big Mom nullifying the weapons and breaking the mirror was to be expected, but the reactions to this made this chapter worth it. Any chance to see my bois Bege and Caesar stretch their face muscles is precious.

    In a weird twist of fate, minor charac…

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  • Ghmorello

    A short, but very detailed chapter here.

    Back in the past, two folks witnessed Big Mom eat Caramel and the children. A giant who returned to Elbaf and told the story thus revealing why the Giants hate Big Mom even more and a young chef named Tori...I mean Strausen who helped Big Mom rise to power while using his Devil Fruit power to make delicious log meat.

    Caramel inspired Big Mom to create a social justice utopia and in a way passed on the Soul Soul Fruit powers onto Big Mom. Also, Jesus Christ, Big Mom had a bounty of 50 Million Berries at the age of 6 and 500 Million Berries when she was a teenager.

    Back to the present, Bege and Co. launch their gas missiles at Big Mom. Target hit, Big Mom dead, one Yonko down, let's go to Wano! Ha! …

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  • Observer Supreme

    I know this is just weird speculation, but as a writing enthusiast, I'm a bit of a sucker for different changes in a story. So, please bear what I want to theorize, okay?

    In a previous review blog, I wondered on what if Linlin held her infamous hunger strike in Elbaf back by learning how to fight as a five year old. Then, when Carmel's villainous nature was revealed, I talked with some fellow writers of mine on the thought of her deal about Linlin coming through, which would have resulted in the former retiring and the latter becoming a Marine. I admit, it's a sucky predicament and it would "normally" end with 86+ characters seen and unseen not even being born among other things, therefore it's not something I want to take too seriously, pe…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts


    Once you have performed the proper religious rituals of fasting, flagellation, and fear, you are free to read this review.

    I was expecting Coral to die after last chapter, but damn, Carl's reaction really brought that home. I was expecting things to reach a breaking point right when that happened, but it seems like Carmel had more in the tank as far as survival. But wow, I did NOT expect her to have the Soul-Soul Fruit and create God Himself. Getting an explanation as to how Prometheus was created was very much appreciated, and I appreciated the connotations of the name Pandora, praise be unto him.

    Then there's the twist. Yeah...rather than an all-loving, nurturing foster mother, Carmel is actually a child trafficker who ships …

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