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  • Avery D. North

    Ok I'll start this off by saying yes there is a chance that Bege shot Bobbin but some folks are acting as if the manga has specifically stated that it was Bege, which it hasn't because the figures were shadowed. Signs are pointing to Bege staging a coup so it could very well be him. He did attempt to take out Pekoms, and the way he did it leans toward it being more of his idea that Big Mom's as I am sure she could've gotten use out of his remaining years. I do think that most likely Bege will be the culprit but I wanted to put a few other ideas out there.

    My first idea is that it was a group of the Germa 66 clone soldiers. Now I am aware that the soldiers are meant to obey every order but I am gonna say that a group or all of the soldiers w…

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  • StephenBrown30

    No manga week!

    February 20, 2017 by StephenBrown30

    Two questions...

    1. What do people do on no manga week..? I just spend my time flicking through pages on here which led to my next question!

    2. Who's everyone's favourite antagonist so far? mine is definitely Rob Lucci!

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  • NguyenAnhLam

    Vivi 2 years later

    February 19, 2017 by NguyenAnhLam

    I read in Vivi page said that 2 years later she appeared in chapter 640-641 manga, which around episode 561-562 anime (as in the page) but I found Vivi didn't appear in ep 561 nor 562 in the anime. Anyone could tell me what episode Vivi's real first appearance appear in the anime two years after?

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  • Steven+Amethyst=SmokyQuartz

    Steven+Amethyst=SmokyQuartz (talk) 20:18, February 17, 2017 (UTC)I personally hate the World Nobles, like every other One Piece fan. The good hearted World Nobles that have been shown are now dead. I personally hope that by the end of the series all of the nobles are spending the rest of their lives in Impel down. I briefly hoped that they would all die but then I thought death would be too good for them. They need to experience the torture and heck, I don't use curse words, they spent centuries putting people through.

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  • Taeviri

    I'd like to shed a light and possibly discuss the various groups and characters (likely) present at the wedding, and who may be working with whom.

    Right now it seems like there're 4 main factions that will be making their move during the wedding: Big Mom and her loyal followers; The Straw Hats and allies; the perpetrators of Jinbe's "mysterious plot", likely Capone and whoever's working with him; and the Vinsmokes caught in the middle. Most of the members of these groups are also already clear: Big Mom has her homies, her children, and the rest of her direct crew; Luffy has the members of the rescue team, Sanji, Jinbe, and possibly Jinbe's crew; and the Vinsmokes will likely only have each other so long as they can't reach their forces.

    Of a…

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  • Ultimate-Amaretsu


    February 16, 2017 by Ultimate-Amaretsu

    Although that's a bit late, BUT (at least I think), Oda might start a new line of power of Awakening!


    Remember, when Doffy first mentioned that there is a new form of power of the DF - that is Awakening, he changed nearly the whole island into strings.  However, I think that might have appeared much earlier in the show, for example - when the whole Punk Hazard was covered by nothing but lava and ice, it might well be that Akainu and Aojiki have used their Awakening. (or perhaps even earlier, when our mysterious dragon summoned a storm to save luffy)

    Now firstly, how does Awakening work?

    Let's start from the basics, a Devil Fruit power also generally affects the clothes that the user is wearing.  But now, it goes further, to the area…

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  • Ghmorello

    Another good chapter involving Sanji's relationship and loyalty to Luffy.

    We begin with the Straw Hats in Mirror World lookimg for Luffy and Sanji with no success. Nami suggests that they go to the battlefield where Luffy and Sanji fought which makes Chopper cry. We're given a big reveal that Pekoms is still alive and was possibly saved by Jinbe, so there's a theory that many fans may have gotten right.

    Elsewhere, Bobbin continues to disappoint as an unknown assailant (possibly Bege) shoots Bobbin in the back and leaves him for dead. If Capone Bege is the one who shot Bobbin, then we're about to see Bege's plans to betray Big Mom go into action.

    We also see the Vinsmokes party like idiots and to much of my disappointment, they're immune to…

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  • Vafiz

    The Big Boom Boom

    February 15, 2017 by Vafiz

    Ok so we know that one shot from Pluton = island is shrek'd.

    Also since Franky had the blueprints for that bad boy, what do you think are the chances that some of that sweet tech was used to build the Thousand Sunny? (i.e. Coup de burst /Gaon Cannon)

    And if you think I could be even remotely up to something, how many times bigger would the actual same cannon from Pluton would have to be to actually destroy a random island?

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  • Samium

    Question - The Voice of Merry

    February 14, 2017 by Samium

    Sorry that this is not relevant to the current chapters,

    but I'm interested in all the readers thoughts on this

    I've been re-reading the 400's chapters and I think I found my favourite way to argue that the Manga is better than the Anime.

    When the Going Merry speaks at the end of Enies Lobby,  What kind of voice did you project onto it when you read those words

    Who envisioned a solumn, diety-like, Morgan Freeman kind of voice? (or maybe Hiroyuki Sanada if you are Japanese)

    or maybe the voice of an young adult, older brother  (like Sabo)

    or did you hear the kind of light weight, choir-boy, sentimental voice that is depicted in the anime,

    I use this to argue that the Manga is a better story medium, becuase the Merry is supposed to be a guardian ang…

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  • DomoGanchan

    Luffy will have 6 gears?!

    February 13, 2017 by DomoGanchan

    I think I am not the only one who thinks this is the case and if there's already a post about this, I clearly don't have any idea. 







    So guys. Eversince luffy learned his gears and everytime he uses it, I always think of his changing gears as similar as those found in a manual car. Of course all of us knows that even if luffy has gear 4, it is not enough to beat a yonkou. Right guys? so what if he actually learned two other gears that he hasn't yet shown in both manga and anime? Two gears that could possibly be used against someone in One piece that has a lot more power than luffy. Or maybe even gears that can surpass those super legendary antagonists? 

    So whadya think guys? Will luffy have two more gears or will he just use a lot of c…

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