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Biyo is a boy who was held captive on Punk Hazard by Caesar Clown.[2] He was freed with the rest of the children by the Straw Hat Pirates.


Biyo is a large child, due to the effects of Caesar Clown's giantification process. He has dark-colored hair in a single tuft on the top of his head.[1]


His personality is typical to that of a scared, timid child. He seems to like the Straw Hats, as he went with them to get out of the Biscuits Room. However, when he suffered from the drug's withdrawal symptoms, he turned hostile.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Due to his size,[1] he is stronger than normal children. Other than that he has no known abilities.



He used to live on an island with his family, until Caesar Clown had him kidnapped for scientific experimentation.[4]

Punk Hazard ArcEdit

He was first seen explaining to Nami and Chopper about how he and the other children ended up on Punk Hazard.[4] He told them that they were sick and that it would take a year for their disease to be cured. Later, due to the drug's side effects, he suffered from withdrawal symptoms, and grew desperate for the drug. He was seen chasing after Mocha, attempting to forcibly take the candy from her.[2]

Eventually, when Mocha swallowed all of the candy and suffered a severe overdose, the children started to question why would the candy cause such pain, leaving them vulnerable to Chopper administrating a sedative.[2] After Caesar's defeat, Trafalgar Law used his Ope Ope no Mi powers to remove all of the NHC10 and other harmful substances Caesar implanted in the children, and used the SAD Tanker to send the children home, with the intent on having Vegapunk help them return to their normal sizes.[5]

Dressrosa ArcEdit

While traveling with the G-5 Marines, Tashigi informed the children that they will see Dr. Vegapunk in a few days.[6]


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