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Bimine is the mayor of "gourmet town", Pucci.[2] He only appears in the manga.[1]


Bimine in Digital Manga

Bimine in the digitally colored manga.

Bimine is a portly man with wavy, neck-length, light-colored hair and a mustache. He wears a light-colored suit with a dark undershirt, a bow-tie, and a tall dark hat with his name on it.


Little is known about Bimine’s personality, but he cares greatly for his daughter[3] and most likely has leader-like qualities, being the mayor of Pucci.[2]


Bimine was first mentioned when the town Pucci was brought up by Iceburg.[2] He was mentioned again when his daughter Marumieta was brought up.[3]

After the timeskip, Bimine became a client of the Galley-La Company.[1]


  • Bimi (美味?) means delicious.


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