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Billy (Bandit) Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: ビリー
Romanized Name: Birī
English Name: Billy (Bandit)
Debut: Episode 135[1]
Affiliations: N/A
Occupations: Bandit
Bounty: Beli Small5,000,000
Japanese VA: Yasunori Masutani
Funi English VA: Andy Mullins
For other characters with the same name, see Billy (Disambiguation).

Billy is an anime-only bandit that appeared in one of Zoro's flashback, in the Post-Alabasta Arc. He is also the brother of Dick.[2]


Billy the bandit
Billy's face close-up.
Kaizoku-HimeAdded by Kaizoku-Hime

Billy was a grey skin toned man, with a patched-like horizontal scar on his forehead. He wore a large and brown top.


What a rude thing to say! Before you can make a cut in me....I'll rip you apart!
— Billy

Billy displays personality traits typical of the bandits in our real world: alcoholism, recklessness, a very short temper and an inflated ego.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Billy does not appear to have any noteworthy special abilities, aside from his slightly above average speed. He does however wield a very unusual sword. The blade is roughly seven feet long with a bluish tint, a temper pattern resembling clouds and has crescent-shaped ridges along its length, as well as crescent-shaped sections cut out of the body of the blade. This weapon seems to be designed to rip enemies to shreds rather than cut them.[3] Despite the size of the sword, and his own size, he was unable to even move Zoro, when he attacked him, and was defeated with ease.


Yosaku and Johnny were discussing whether or not to fight him when unknown to them, Zoro appeared in the bar they were in. Zoro, looking for money for food, he easily defeated Billy so he could eat. After Johnny and Yosaku complained he had stolen their catch, he left them to pay for his meal instead and let them claim the Beli5,000,000 bounty of Billy.[4]

Major BattlesEdit


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