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Biera Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: ビエラ
Romanized Name: Biera
Official English Name: N/A
Debut: Movie 4
Affiliations: Gasparde Pirates (former)
Occupations: Machinist (former)
Status: Alive
Japanese VA: Ichiro Nagai

Biera is a character from the fourth movie. He was the stoker for the boiler on Gasparde's ship, the Salamander. He was forced to take this job to protect himself and Adelle Bascùd (who calls him "Grandpa").


Biera is an old man, with a bald head and white mustache, with white eyebrows. He also has a pink nose and sports a brown shirt with black suspenders.


Biera is a very caring old man, since he saved Adelle after her family was killed. He is also quite brave, as he blew up the boiler of Gasparde's ship to harm the pirate and his crew. He cares greatly for Adelle and raised her as her father figure.



During Gasparde Pirates attack to Elena, he saves Adelle Bascùd. Later they are taken away with a ship, due to become Gasparde's workers.

Dead End RaceEdit

At the start of the movie, he is stricken sick which prompts Anaguma to leave the Salamander to try to help him. He come across Shuraiya Bascùd later on in the film. When Shuraiya tells him his past story, Biera realizes that Shuraiya and Adelle are connected. As Monkey D. Luffy fights Gasparde, he blows up the boiler on the ship, causing it to sink and was thought dead.

However, Biera manages to survive (by putting lifesavers all over his body), as well as rescue Luffy and Shuraiya after Gasparde defeated. He then informs Shuraiya that he rescued a little girl from a river eight years ago who could only remember her name: Adelle Bascùd, Shuraiya's sister whom Shuraiya thought was killed when Gasparde's crew destroyed their town. Biera convinces Shuraiya to accept her, despite his brutal life as a bounty hunter, and Shuraiya promises to start a new life for them.


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