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Be A Pirate is a song produced by 4Kids Entertainment for their English dub of One Piece.

Though never used in the dub itself, the song accompanied a promotional music video for upcoming episodes in Fall 2005.[1] It was later used in a villain-themed music video included on the promotional DVD The Hunt Begins.[2]

On October 18, 2005, the song was released by Cherry Lane Records as part of the digital album Music From 4Kids TV, sharing a track the dub's theme music and You Can't Turn the Tide.[3]


They say I break the rules
I guess that's how it seems
'cause the goal I have in mind, others merely dream...

And as I make my way
Down a road of no return
I'm a-fightin' as a goal I won't crash and burn...

Oooh, I don't go it alone
You're the friend at my side!
It's the others who should change
That same itty-bitty rhyme!

Be a pirate!
Wanna break down doors?
Be a pirate!
Steal the dream that's yours?
Be a pirate!
You should seek, never hide!
Find the treasure buried deep inside!

So why not come aboard
And give your life a twirl?
It's time to make a break from your dreary-weary world...
Let others play it safe
That's not the life for me
I'd rather take a chance and seize my destiny...

Ooh... there's no time for regrets...
And there's no room for fear!
Set your sights on what you want
Just plot your course and steer!

Be a pirate!
Wanna break down doors?
Be a pirate!
Steal the dream that's yours?
Be a pirate!
You should seek, never hide!
Find the treasure buried deep inside!
Find the treasure buried deep inside!



  1. This version of the song is begun with several clips from the Roguetown Arc, and interspersed with several more spoken lines from the dub.
  2. This DVD was bundled with select issues of the American Shonen Jump as well as Mattel's "Pi-Ripz" figures.
  3. 'Music from 4Kids TV' - All music

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